Złoty Naszyjnik z Pereł Morskich Akoya Nm0657G32 Złoty Naszyjnik z Pereł Morskich Akoya Nm0657G32

Gold Dark Pearl Necklace NO89G8

4,199.00 zł

A beautiful necklace made of genuine freshwater pearls. The pearls have a very intense and flawless surface and an unusual dark green colour.

Gold Chain with Tahiti Pearl LANT10118G

5,590.00 zł

A unique gold pendant with a genuine Tahiti sea pearl suspended on a gold chain. Both elements were made of precious 18 carat gold. Wonderful pearl of natural steel-green colour and a diameter of almost 11mm is the perfect choice for a unique gift.

Gold Chain with South Sea Pearl LAN23SC18G

3,280.00 zł 2,980.00 zł

A luxurious gold chain with a genuine "South Sea" pearl. This most precious pearl among all pearls has been combined with equally chic eighteen carat gold.

  • -300.00 zł

Golden Akoya Sea Pearl Necklace Nm7075G2

2,790.00 zł

A unique, handcrafted necklace of genuine Akoya sea pearls with beautiful luster and round shape. Pearls were strung on a special silk-nylon jewellery thread, knotted to prevent the pearls from spilling if broken.

Golden Akoya Sea Pearl Necklace Nm0657G32

1,469.00 zł

Unique necklace of genuine Akoya sea pearls. Round pearls with high lustre were strung on a special jewellery thread and the clasp is made entirely of gold. A jewellery classic that should be a must when picking pearls.

Gold Pearl Necklace N67FP01058+kuG3

2,180.00 zł

Tasteful and elegant golden necklace made of genuine pearls. High-quality, highly lustrous pearls of a slightly oval shape are decorated with gold balls. A gold pendant was placed in the middle of the necklace.

Gold Chain with Real Pearl LAN995G

489.00 zł 439.00 zł

A delicate gold chain finished with a single round freshwater pearl. The highest quality 18K gold 750 shimmers and glitters beautifully.

  • -50.00 zł

Baroque Gold Chain with Large Pearl LANB253G

6,370.00 zł

A unique chain available in white or yellow gold. The main decoration is a large, natural baroque pearl of a unique cross-like shape and strong lustre. It has been suspended on a beautiful gold element, enriched with sparkling diamonds.

The largest collection of pearl necklaces in a gold frame. Real Akoya or freshwater sea pearls with a clasp entirely made of gold and precious stones such as: diamonds, sapphires, rubies or zircons. A large selection of designs and colors.