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The largest selection of gold pearl bracelets. Akoya real sea pearls or freshwater pearls finished with a gold clasp with the addition of precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies or rhinestones. A large selection of designs and colors.

Bracelet of oblong baroque pearls with irregular surface and light pink color NŁUPG2

Gold Baroque Pearl Bracelet BŁUPG2

1,211.38 zł

Bracelet made of original freshwater pearls of pastel hue. Highlighted with a strong luster, the oblong pearls are topped with a 14K gold clasp. This is an accessory for true individualists.

Gold Bracelet with Real Pearls B078G3

804.88 zł

Beautiful gold pearl bracelet. Real slightly oval pearls look great in the company of a golden ball-shaped clasp. The bracelet is made with a special silk-nylon thread.

Bracelet of large pearls in white, black and steel B01213G6087 Bracelet of large pearls in white, black and steel B01213G6087

Golden Large Pearl Bracelet B01213G6087

4,211.38 zł

Original, handcrafted bracelet of magnificent freshwater pearls in three colors: white, black, and steel. Topped with a tasteful clasp of white gold decorated with rubies. This is jewelry perfect for special occasions.

Golden Akoya Pearl Bracelet Bm758G3

3,487.80 zł

Chic bracelet made of genuine Akoya sea pearls. Perfectly round pearls with a high lustre were strung on a special jewellery thread. Sea pearls of this size are already in a very high class. The bracelet is finished with a gold clasp in the shape of a ball with security.

Gold Bracelet with Akoya Sea Pearls Bm657G+

1,699.19 zł

A bracelet of exceptional Akoya pearls of the highest quality. Shimmering, smooth pearls are topped with a tasteful 14K gold clasp. This is a classic in a luxurious edition.

Golden Akoya Sea Pearl Bracelet BmO775KUG2

2,325.20 zł

Bracelet with Akoya sea pearls interspersed with gold balls. The slightly creamy color of the pearls perfectly harmonizes with the gold. This is luxurious jewelry that adds sparkle and elegance.

Gold Bracelet with Real Dark Pearls BO775WGC

568.29 zł

Bracelet of freshwater pearls of oriental dark color, reminiscent of Tahiti pearls. Perfectly matched with a white gold clasp. A luxurious accessory at an affordable price.

Golden Large Pearl Bracelet BO1112G32

2,268.29 zł

A magnificent size, beautiful handmade bracelet of genuine freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls of such a diameter are rare, which gives them a luxurious touch.