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Silver bracelets made with real freshwater or sea pearls. Bracelets made of pearls of different designs and colours. Any shape of pearls with a classic and oriental look. A perfect idea for an always successful gift.

Huge Pearl Silver Bracelet B1011S3SP

300.00 zł

A distinctive bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. Large pearls with a nice luster and an even shape were strung on a special silk nylon jewellery thread. The bracelet has a unique patterned drawer clasp, which is made entirely of the highest quality sterling silver.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet BB089S1R

113.01 zł

A fashionable and unusual bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of highly lustrous pearls of baroque shape in a large size.

Silver Pearl Bracelet B910Z650S

386.99 zł

Unusual, handmade bracelet made of real freshwater pearls. Fabergé lace clasp topped with a tasteful pendant at the other end.

Bronze Pearl Bracelet BO089S3M

129.27 zł

Unusual hand-made bracelet with freshwater pearls. Real pearls with a nice round shape and a specific copper-brown color.

Real Pearl Bracelet BO78S1

126.83 zł

Beautiful bracelet with a delicate glow of real pearls. White pearls with a diameter of 6.5-7.5 mm are threaded on a special silk-nylon thread that is additionally knotted. The bracelet clasp is made of rhodium-plated silver.

Silver Grey Pearl Bracelet BR078S1

129.27 zł

Unusual, with a metallic-graphite shine, handmade bracelet made of genuine teardrop-shaped pearls. Pearls of very high quality and fashionable colour.