Silver Bracelet with Pearls BO89PS3

179.00 zł

Incredibly shiny bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. Medium-sized pearls with a fairly even shape characterised by a very strong shine.

Silver Real Pearl Bracelet BO665S3

330.00 zł

This bracelet of genuine freshwater pearls with a slight oval shape together with the necklace will become your favourite piece of jewellery. The bracelet can be worn both on official and elegant occasions and with casual everyday clothes. In both cases it works exceptionally well.

Silver Pearl Bracelet B910Z650S

376.00 zł

Unusual, handmade bracelet made of real freshwater pearls. Fabergé lace clasp topped with a tasteful pendant at the other end.

Bracelet with Real Pearls and Zircons BIHL0043S

356.00 zł

Amazing sterling silver bracelet of freshwater pearls with an interesting ivy-like weave. Real teardrop-shaped pearls are intertwined with shiny zircons. The bracelet has an additional chain, thanks to which the length can be adjusted.

Real Pearls Bracelet BO1011S3

239.00 zł

A popular handmade pearl bracelet. Real large pearls in the colour of ecru are strung on a special jeweler's thread and the whole thing is completed with a ball-shaped clasp with a safety catch, which is made of the highest quality rhodium-plated silver.

Real Pearls Bracelet BO910S3

189.00 zł

An attractive silver bracelet with genuine round pearls strung on a special silk-nylon jewellery thread, which is additionally knotted to prevent the pearls from scattering if broken. The bracelet has a drawer clasp with a flower-shaped safety catch in rhodium-plated silver.

Genuine Pearl Bracelet BO45S1

219.00 zł

A graceful and handmade bracelet of freshwater pearls. Small pearls will subtly emphasise your shine and add charm. The bracelet has a special jeweler's thread and the clasp is made of rhodium-plated silver.

Huge Pearl Bracelet B1011S3SP

269.00 zł

A distinctive bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. Large pearls with a nice luster and an even shape were strung on a special silk nylon jewellery thread. The bracelet has a unique patterned drawer clasp, which is made entirely of the highest quality sterling silver.

Silver Bamboo Coral BraceletBK0075S1

59.00 zł

Fancy silver bamboo bead bracelet. Real beads are finished with a carabiner clasp, which is made of the highest quality rhodium-plated silver.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet BB089S1R

89.00 zł

A fashionable and unusual bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of highly lustrous pearls of baroque shape in a large size.

Silver bracelets made with real freshwater or sea pearls. Bracelets made of pearls of different designs and colours. Any shape of pearls with a classic and oriental look. A perfect idea for an always successful gift.