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1 210,57 zł
A subtle and elegant set with genuine freshwater pearls. Beautifully shining pearls with a clear surface are placed on gold elements of fanciful, curved shapes. The set includes stick earrings and a pendant.

2 367,93 zł 3 395,93 zł
Eccentric gold set of earrings and pendant with freshwater pearls in the shape of drops. An impressive design with numerous pearls will be a very original and unique decoration.

8 926,83 zł
An exceptionally beautiful gold jewellery set with a white freshwater pearl without a BIWA nucleus. Surrounding the flawlessly beautiful pearl is a sparkling ruby floral petal design.

1 405,69 zł
An exceptionally beautiful gold jewellery set with a white freshwater pearl without a BIWA nucleus. The gold icicles of the earrings and the pendant feature a flawlessly beautiful, balancing pearl.

3 145,53 zł
An exceptionally elegant jewellery set of genuine freshwater pearls accompanied by white gold. Round pearls of high lustre and clarity. Earrings have a stick clasp. Photos do not fully reflect the charm. An exceptional set for an exceptional woman!

13 135,77 zł
A sensuously beautiful gold set with a perfect champagne South Sea pearl. Australian pearls are extremely precious and rarely seen. The shimmering diamonds and rubies placed above the balancing pearl also add to the luxurious look. The earrings have a comfortable and practical post clasp.

8 121,95 zł
A unique set of jewellery with beautiful and rare Australian South Sea pearls. The set includes earrings and a pendant with a unique heart shape. The set is complemented by sparkling and glittering diamonds set in gold.

13 821,14 zł
A unique pearl jewellery set including a necklace with beautiful Akoya sea pearls and pendant earrings with luxurious rare South Sea pearls. The whole set in champagne colour will make you feel like a real queen.

6 471,54 zł
Unusual jewellery set consisting of a necklace and earrings made of genuine freshwater pearls. Unique, nuclear freshwater pearls cultured in the same way as Akoya or South Sea pearls.

High quality sets with real freshwater and sea pearls Akoya in combination with white or yellow gold 585 (14k) or 750 (18k).