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Gold earrings with a real pearl in various shapes, patterns and colors. Earrings decorated with precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Pearl earrings for all occasions. Types of pearls can be changed individually.

Gold Akoya Sea Pearl Earrings K1m775G

535.77 zł

Captivating earrings with black Akoya sea pearl in white gold. The real sea pearl is characterized by a particularly perfectly round shape and high shine. The earrings have a practical and comfortable post clasp.

Silicone Clasp, Plugs Au750

31.71 zł

A pair of gold clasps in a silicone shell. Fits most earrings with a standard post. Thanks to the silicone coating the studs hold very firmly and are comfortable to wear.

Long Gold Earrings with Pearl and Diamonds FE0857G

6,495.93 zł

Angelic gold earrings with genuine freshwater pearl of unique shape. High quality diamonds have been embedded in the gold leaves, which perfectly match the white pearls. You will look incredibly beautiful with our earrings on any occasion.

Gold Earrings with Tahiti Pearl and Diamonds ET137G

7,715.45 zł

Exquisite gold earrings with beautiful Tahiti cultured saltwater pearls. Huge pearls with an amazing shape and wonderful luster. The size of the pearls is 13.5mm, which already counts as exclusive pearls of the highest value. Diamonds placed on the rim complements the earrings.

Gold South Sea Pearl Earrings - Diamonds and Rubies FE01G

12,178.86 zł

Sensually beautiful gold earrings with perfect South Sea pearls in champagne colour. Australian pearls are exceptionally precious and rarely seen. The shimmering diamonds and rubies placed above the balancing pearls also add to the luxurious look. The earrings have a comfortable and practical post clasp.

Gold Earrings with Pearls and Diamonds FE12311G

5,430.89 zł

Sophisticated earrings with beautiful genuine freshwater pearls with a strong lustre combined with 585 sterling gold. The earrings are complemented by high quality diamonds which are set on a gold element in the Egyptian Queen Nefretete style.

Gold Earrings with South Sea Pearls and Diamonds ESS136G

30,813.01 zł

Exquisite gold earrings with beautiful cultured South Sea pearls. Huge pearls with a perfectly spherical shape and a wonderful very strong luster. Almost 15mm Australian pearls that you can't go near indifferently. Diamonds with a total of 74pcs placed on the rim complement the earrings.