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6 983,74 zł
A luxurious ring made of 14K gold. High quality white freshwater pearl and sparkling diamonds will add glamour and confidence to every woman.

1 039,02 zł
Simple gold ring with an Akoya pearl with a large diameter of 8-8.5 mm, so everyone will pay attention to it. The ring is made entirely of 585 sterling gold.

3 569,11 zł
Beautiful gold ring with genuine Tahiti pearl. The pearl is about 10-11 mm in diameter and it is set on 14 karat gold. Ring is adorned with nine diamonds.

4 219,51 zł
A charming ring with a genuine freshwater pearl. A round snow-white pearl is surrounded by lots of diamonds which form an arch shape.

3 471,54 zł
Unique gold ring with a genuine Tahiti sea pearl. Beautiful steel-green pearl of over 10mm diameter is set on 14 carat gold.

1 137,40 zł
A simple gold ring with a cultured freshwater pearl. A large diameter white pearl is set in the ring, so everyone will pay attention to it. Your hand will look exceptionally elegant.

3 325,20 zł
An exclusive gold ring with a beautiful freshwater pearl of very strong lustre. The jewellery is additionally illuminated by eight exquisite diamonds. Such a ring is not only an elegant decoration for every woman, but also an investment for collectors of such jewellery.

3 243,90 zł
An unusual, opulent ring made of 585 white gold that surrounds flawless coloured freshwater pearls. Real pearls have been further adorned with diamonds.

21 788,62 zł
A gorgeous, exclusive white gold ring with a unique, top-notch Tahiti royal pearl wrapped in a softly sparkling diamond cushion. Such a jewel is the dream of every woman who loves both diamonds and pearls. For a special woman like you!

6 495,93 zł
A delicate gold ring with a perfect, unique Tahiti pearl. Beautiful, sparkling diamonds add charm to the whole. Suitable for special occasions and everyday wear. Your hands in the company of our ring will shine. You will feel incredibly beautiful in the company of such jewellery.

38 130,08 zł
A gorgeous white gold ring with a unique, premium South Sea Australian pearl. The pearl is wrapped in a soft cushion of sparkling diamonds. Such a gem is every woman's dream. Diamonds are set with the MICRO PAVE method, using a microscope, which is extremely precise.

23 000,00 zł
A beautiful yellow gold ring with a unique, top class South Sea Australian pearl in a brilliant setting. Such a gem is a dream of every woman who loves both diamonds and pearls. The ring is made in 18 carat gold. This is not only a wonderful gift but also an investment.

The most valuable gold rings with a real freshwater or sea pearl. White or yellow gold decorated with pearl and precious stones. Top quality and attractive prices.