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145,53 zł
This necklace of teardrop-shaped white pearls will add elegance to any outfit. The necklace is tied with a special silk-nylon thread which is additionally knotted - this protects the pearls from rubbing against each other and in case of breaking the pearls will not fall apart. The necklace is finished with a copper magnetic clasp in the shape of an...

158,54 zł
Necklace of real pearls of unusual natural shapes. Exceptionally large pearls, approx. 10.5-11.5mm in diameter.

63,41 zł
Fashionable necklace made of genuine hematite balls. The beads are polished, which makes them smooth and shiny.

340,65 zł
A necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of slightly oval pearls in three fashionable colours: white, grey and dark with a peacock-like gleam.

396,75 zł
Naszyjnik z prawdziwych pereł słodkowodnych. Potrójny sznur pereł o silnym połysku z dużym eleganckim zapięciem magnetycznym.

37,97 zł 47,97 zł
Andean, shiny necklace with delicate shells with elements of coconut. Challenging in carnival and New Year's compositions.

469,92 zł
Eccentric 6-row necklace made with tear- and baroque-shaped pearls. Finished with a magnetic, rhodium plated silver clasp.
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Oriental necklaces made of real pearls of various shapes and colors. Finished with decorative clasps,  perfect as an unusual and original gift.