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Oriental necklaces made of real pearls of various shapes and colors. Finished with decorative clasps,  perfect as an unusual and original gift.

Pearl Eyeglass Chain LanOkS37S

259.35 zł

Unique multifunctional pearl jewelry - eyeglass chain, necklace, choker and bracelet in one. Baroque and oval pearls of various sizes, including two in dark color. Adjustable elastic bands and snap hooks. Made of 925 rhodium-plated silver. Unique design and high quality.

Thong Necklace with Pearls and Zirconia NR125135S

104.88 zł

The necklace consists of two black leather thongs topped with pearls, joined together through a spacer. It fastens with a snap hook. The adjustment allows you to wear the necklace according to your preference.

Necklace of White Oval Pearls N6575SK

226.83 zł

This necklace of teardrop-shaped white pearls will add elegance to any outfit. The necklace is tied with a special silk-nylon thread which is additionally knotted - this protects the pearls from rubbing against each other and in case of breaking the pearls will not fall apart. The necklace is finished with a copper magnetic clasp in the shape of an elegant ball.

3-Ring Colorful Pearl Necklace NO78x3MET

340.65 zł

A necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of slightly oval pearls in three fashionable colours: white, grey and dark with a peacock-like gleam.

6-Row Pearl Necklace NMIX2M

469.92 zł

Eccentric 6-row necklace made with tear- and baroque-shaped pearls. Finished with a magnetic, rhodium plated silver clasp.