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17,23 zł 20,33 zł
This bracelet is made of real mother of pearl placed on a stretchy rubber band that will fit any hand.

104,88 zł
Bracelet made of real pearls of unusual, natural shapes. Extra large pearls with a diameter of about 10.5-11.5mm.

58,01 zł 113,01 zł
Handmade bracelet with freshwater pearls. The bracelet is made on a stretchy rubber cord so it will fit any hand.

96,75 zł
Extremely tasteful bracelet with freshwater pearls.
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96,75 zł
Impressive bracelet with freshwater pearls. The combination of pearls and shiny glasses looks very sophisticated.

96,75 zł
Lovely bracelet with freshwater pearls. Combined flower shaped designs with leaves made of shiny glass.

96,75 zł
A tasteful bracelet of genuine pearls with lovely apple-shaped links. The bracelet is covered with a layer of rhodium, thanks to which it gained a beautiful shine and became more resistant to blackening. In addition, it has an additional chain, which allows you to adjust the length.
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194,31 zł
A bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of slightly oval pearls in three fashionable colours: white, grey and dark with a peacock-like gleam.

237,40 zł
Bransoletka z prawdziwych pereł słodkowodnych. Potrójny sznur pereł o silnym połysku z dużym eleganckim zapięciem magnetycznym.

307,32 zł
Eccentric 6-row bracelet, made with tear- and baroque-shaped pearls. Finished with a magnetis, rhodium plated silver clasp. Attention-catching jewelry for a special occasion.

Oriental bracelets made of real pearls in various shapes and colors. Finished with decorative clasps, they are perfect as an unusual and original gift.