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335,85 zł 373,17 zł
Elegant and timeless set of genuine freshwater pearls. Subtle pearls impress with their strong lustre and natural color. The set includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings on a stick. The whole set is made of highest quality 925 sterling silver.

109,27 zł 129,27 zł
Subtelnie delikatne złote kolczyki z perłami. Posiadają praktyczne i wygodne zapięcie typu sztyft z barankiem w silikonowej otoczce. Perły o wysokim połysku osadzono na złotym sztyfcie próby Au585. Dodają kobiecości i nadają się na każdą okazję.

298,36 zł 372,36 zł
Subtle yet beautiful celebratory chain. The main decoration is a freshwater pearl of the highest class.

109,27 zł 129,27 zł
Beautifully shimmering dark pearls are placed on the pin clasp, which is made of luxurious 18k rose gold.

9,35 zł 15,45 zł
This bracelet is made of real mother of pearl placed on a stretchy rubber band that will fit any hand.

527,64 zł
A wonderful, handmade silver set with genuine freshwater pearls. The set includes post earrings, a necklace and a bracelet with beautiful pearls of exceptional dark colour and high luster.

150,12 zł 195,12 zł
Beautiful silver earrings with a large freshwater pearl in an oval shape. Perfect both as an everyday accessory to an outfit and jewellery for a special occasion.

128,05 zł 178,05 zł
A beautiful and elegant handmade jewellery set with real pearls. White freshwater pearls intertwined with black beads and sparkling crystals in a silver setting.

123,66 zł 153,66 zł
A beautiful set with genuine cultured freshwater pearls. Two joined hearts, smooth and decorated with zircons, will give unquestionable pleasure to the gifted lady.

2 576,83 zł 2 926,83 zł
Very fashionable and tasteful post earrings composed of two parts. On one side a large genuine Tahiti sea pearl, on the other a subtle white akoya sea pearl. The pearls are linked by a 750 gold post.

177,64 zł 227,64 zł
A necklace of oval genuine freshwater pearls in a fashionable grey colour. A gold-plated magnet clasp fastens the necklace securely.