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Pearl Outlet 

Welcome to our new OUTLET section. Our warehouses are full of variety of products we would like to share. Therefore, all products not on sale will be found here. These are not only rare patterns, but above all, various prototypes and thoughts of our studio made only in one unique art. There is no point in keeping such gems just to ourselves, so we made them available at a very attractive outlet price :) Because there will be only a dozen or so patterns that will be systematically changed, we encourage every pearl lover to visit frequently :)

Srebrny Komplet z Perłą KMO1S Srebrny Komplet z Perłą KMO1S

Silver Set with Pearl KMO1S

552.85 zł

A beautiful and unusual silver set with genuine round freshwater pearls. Due to their value, round pearls of this quality are practically only used in gold products, which additionally increases their price. The set includes earrings and a pendant made of 925 silver additionally decorated with zircons.

Srebrny Komplet z Perłą YA495S

Silver Set with Pearl YA495S

227.64 zł

Beautiful set consisting of earrings and a pendant. Large size real pearls with oval shape, strong luster and smooth surface. Silver elements fully set with zircons.

Złoty Komplet z Perłami KOSG

Gold Set with Pearls KOSG

4,615.45 zł

Eccentric gold set of earrings and pendant with freshwater pearls in the shape of drops. An impressive design with numerous pearls will be a very original and unique decoration.

Silver Pearl Necklace NB0910S3

471.54 zł

Lightly decorated classic baroque necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. Beautifully shiny pearls approx. 10mm long with a dark decorative element.

Srebrna Bransoletka z Perłami BLAN455SS

Silver Bracelet with Pearls BLAN455SS

402.44 zł

Silver bracelet with large links on which are placed real freshwater pearls of salmon colour. Beautiful pearls with a very strong shine.

Silver Pearl Bracelet BBŁMIXS3S

227.64 zł

A necklace of oval genuine freshwater pearls in a fashionable grey colour. A gold-plated magnet clasp fastens the necklace securely.

Srebrna Zawieszka z Perłą W8LS

Three-row pearl bracelet BR80S1LAN

642.28 zł

Handmade, 3-row bracelet of freshwater pearls with a beautiful shine. The bracelet has a special jeweler's silk-nylon thread, knotted, due to the nobility of the pearls.

String of Baroque pearls NB056 140CM

White pearl necklace NR0078GP

243.09 zł

Classic necklace of oval white freshwater pearls. The necklace has a magnetic (copper) gold-plated clasp in the shape of an elegant ball.

Gold Round Pearl Necklace NO335G

543.09 zł

A subtle gold necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. Round pearls with a diameter of 3-3.5 millimeters have a beautiful shine and a flawless surface. The length of the necklace makes it fit close to the neck, which is very fashionable lately.

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