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186,18 zł
Elegant chain with genuine freshwater pearls. Five round pearls with high luster and clear surface are suspended on a silver piece decorated with sparkling zircons.

178,05 zł
Unusual silver chain with a real sea pearl. This subtle size natural stone impresses with its shine and round shape, characteristic for precious Akoya pearls.

298,36 zł 372,36 zł
Subtle yet beautiful celebratory chain. The main decoration is a freshwater pearl of the highest class.

6 471,54 zł
Gold chain with a spectacular Tahiti pearl. One of the most precious and exclusive pearls was placed in the center of the pendant made of a thick layer of gold with symmetrical shapes. Perfectly round pearl of dark color and a diameter of about 12.5 mm is beautifully complemented by brilliant diamonds with a total weight of 0.144ct.

149,92 zł 169,92 zł
Elegant chain with a large cultured pearl. The real pearl is surrounded by a beautiful 925 gold plated sterling silver element with a fancy shape, additionally decorated with shiny zircons.

141,79 zł 161,79 zł
A delightful chain with a real freshwater pearl of impressive size, reaching approximately 11mm in diameter. Real pearl with a clear surface is placed on a beautiful pendant decorated with sparkling zircons. The whole is made with great precision and care.

2 006,50 zł 2 406,50 zł
Niezwykle delikatny złoty łańcuszek z prawdziwą morską perłą Tahiti o srebrzystej barwie. Subtelny łańcuszek wykonany został w całości z 18k białego złota (próba 750).

314,63 zł
A stunning silver chain with a genuine freshwater pearl. An impressive size pearl is placed on a phenomenal element filled with sparkling zircons.
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144,72 zł
A stylish silver chain with genuine freshwater pearls. The teardrop-shaped white pearls impress with their high shine and hang below 3 decorative, beautiful inserts.

5 178,86 zł
A unique chain available in white or yellow gold. The main decoration is a large, natural baroque pearl of a unique cross-like shape and strong lustre. It has been suspended on a beautiful gold element, enriched with sparkling diamonds.

539,02 zł
Elegant silver chain with nine pearls with a very strong shine and clean surface. The chain is made entirely of highest quality 925 sterling silver.

218,70 zł
A sensual silver chain with decorative inserts finished with top class freshwater pearls and zircons. Slightly oval pearls, over 8mm in diameter, with a very strong lustre and clear surface look phenomenal.

Silver and gold chains with pearls. Wide choice of genuine white and black pearls. Exclusive and classic jewellery.