Silver and gold chains with pearls. Wide choice of genuine white and black pearls. Exclusive and classic jewellery.

Chain with Zirconia Circle and Pearls YA-NO83

161.79 zł

This sterling silver chain with two genuine teardrop-shaped freshwater pearls is the perfect accessory for a woman who appreciates elegant and stylish accessories. On the middle part of the chain there is a beautiful, shining circle planted with zircons, which adds to its shine and originality.

Silver Chain with Real Pearl YA395S

373.17 zł

An original chain that looks like a delicate necklace topped with an oval freshwater pearl. In the middle of the chain are larger links connected by a shiny ellipse with zircons, on which a white pearl is suspended.

Silver Chain with Pearls and Zirconia YA381S

218.70 zł

This chain is the perfect choice for women who appreciate classic, elegant and subtle femininity. Large, round freshwater pearls-one white, the other dark-were secured with silver elements and placed on a chain combined with shining zirconia.

Silver Chain with Real Pearl YA438S

218.70 zł

Interesting double chain made of sterling silver, decorated with a simple clasp, which makes it interesting. Each chain is topped with an oval pearl, white or dark, with a high luster. It is a perfect casual gift for a loved one.

Silver Chain with Real Pearls and Zircons YA081S

234.96 zł

Silver jewelry is a classic that always impresses with its elegant style. The pendant in the shape of two joined letters C, one plain, the other decorated with zircons, was set in the center of the chain. To it were added shorter pendants topped with oval pearls with a nice luster - in a choice of white or dark color.

Silver chain with 7 white pearls YA022R67S Silver chain with 7 white pearls YA022R67S Silver chain with 7 white pearls YA022R67S

Silver Chain with Freshwater Pearls YA022R67S

194.31 zł

An interesting chain forming a delicate and feminine necklace with seven freshwater pearls. In the form of pendants were placed oval pearls with a diameter of 6,0-7,0 mm and high luster. Wonderfully arranged and presented on the neckline. Adds chic and class to the whole styling, subtly emphasizes the uniqueness of the evening dress.

Silver chain with fine pendant and white oval pearl YA415S

Silver Chain Pearl and Zirconia Pendant YA415S

234.96 zł

Unusual silver chain with pearl is a piece of jewelry that attracts attention with its precise finish, while adding chic and class to any creation. The pendant of delicate and fine form with subtle zircons and pearl will add sparkle and make you feel even more special.

Silver Chain with Pearls NLAN995S3

519.51 zł

An interesting necklace which is a combination of white pearls together with links of silver chain. It fastens with an elegant and easy-to-use ball with a safety catch. The elements are made of sterling silver, additionally rhodium-plated to prevent blackening of the jewelry. Large round pearls are arranged alternately with the chain.

Gold Necklace with Pearls and Brilliants FP12311G

6,235.77 zł

Striking gold necklace with eye-catching large freshwater pearls. On geometric ornaments decorated with diamonds were placed three pearls distinguished by their magnificent diameter and smooth surface. This is jewelry of the highest class.

Golden Chain with White Pearls NO89GCH

2,666.67 zł

Classic gold chain with a delicate weave with freshwater pearls. Round white pearls, with a diameter of 7,5-8,5 mm, have been combined with the chain thanks to the elements that add elegance. The whole piece looks exceptionally tasteful and subtle.

Silver chain with 3 white pearls and a lace composed of silver balls NO177S Silver chain with 3 white pearls and a lace composed of silver balls NO177S

Lace Silver Chain with Real Pearls NO177S

158.54 zł

A graceful silver chain with real pearls. It is topped with an ornamental composition with three pendants of oval-shaped pearls. The chain is made of rhodium-plated sterling silver.