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Pearl necklace: how to choose the perfect necklace? Tips for the diameter of the pearls and the length of the necklace

Pearl necklace is a symbol of timeless class and elegance. It adds charm and is a perfect complement to any styling. Great for a gift for a special person. Need help, not sure what pearls will fit? In this post, we share tips for choosing necklace length and pearl diameter.

The world's largest pearl - how big can pearls be?

Are you interested in the subject of jewelry and wondering what is the largest pearl ever found? After all, these natural treasures of Mother Nature bring awe to all those who are interested in these valuable and unique specimens.

How is a pearl born?

To fully appreciate the value and unique character of pearls, it is useful to know how a pearl is formed. In today's article we want to debunk the common belief that it is born in pain, and the main cause of its formation is a grain of sand that got inside the clam. It's a fact, pearl-bearing clams are responsible for the production of pearls, but the way they are produced is a bit different than the one at the forefront of many people's imagination. So it's time to explain what pearls are and how they are made.

Where to buy pearls?

Do you dream of a beautiful pearl necklace or a new pair of dazzling earrings but don't know where to buy pearls to make them original and worthwhile? Buying good quality, natural cultured pearls requires proper knowledge and knowledge of the differences between natural and artificial pearls. So it is worth knowing where to buy pearls that will meet your aesthetic and quality requirements.

Pearls: how to wear them, what they go with, when to wear them

Bracelet, brooch, earring set or necklace - pearl jewelry can enhance literally any outfit. Take a look at some of the many options for wearing pearls.

How to distinguish real from fake pearls - or how not to buy an imitation?

In this article we point out what to look for in order to distinguish real pearls from artificial equivalents. Learn the basic methods by which each of us is able to check whether we are dealing with a fake or a genuine product of nature.

Are pearls expensive and what does it depend on?

Nowadays, the price of pearls has come down so much that virtually anyone can afford such jewellery. So how expensive are pearls? And what does the price of pearl jewellery depend on? You will read about it in this article!

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