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Pearls: how to wear them, what they go with, when to wear them

Bracelet, brooch, earring set or necklace - pearl jewelry can enhance literally any outfit. Take a look at some of the many options for wearing pearls.

7 questions everyone should ask a retailer before buying pearls

In this article, we present the 7 most important questions everyone should ask a pearl seller before buying these beautiful natural stones! Some of the questions may seem tricky or even trivial, but this way you will thoroughly check the seller and not be fooled.

How to distinguish real from fake pearls - or how not to buy an imitation?

In this article we point out what to look for in order to distinguish real pearls from artificial equivalents. Learn the basic methods by which each of us is able to check whether we are dealing with a fake or a genuine product of nature.

Are pearls expensive and what does it depend on?

Nowadays, the price of pearls has come down so much that virtually anyone can afford such jewellery. So how expensive are pearls? And what does the price of pearl jewellery depend on? You will read about it in this article!

Quiz: sprawdź swoją wiedzę na temat pereł

Symbolism of pearls - what do pearls mean?

The article describes the intricate symbolism of pearls - legends say that pearls provide security. It is also said that these small gemstones symbolize loyalty, generosity, honesty. However, some myths are not so positive and tell of pearls bringing misfortune.

Pearls not only for women, men can also wear them

Are pearls reserved for women? Nothing could be further from the truth! In this article you will learn that men can also wear pearl jewelry, and it is even advisable if a guy wants to be trendy.

Pearl Jewelery for Grandmother’s Day

Are you looking for a unique gift for Grandma's Day? Check out our wide range of pearl jewelry

Our production of pearl jewelry (what and how do we do it, how to choose the right size?

Have any of our products caught your eye but you can't see the size available? Perhaps you prefer a different pearl color or clasp type? Read this article to find out what changes we can make to jewelry especially for you!

7 reasons why it’s worth to choose real pearls as a Christmas gift!

Jewelry always occupies high positions in the rankings of gifts dreamed by women. At apearl® you can choose necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings made of real pearls as a timeless gift that will appeal to every woman. And we give you seven reasons to agree with us and choose pearls for a Christmas gift for your loved ones.