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Pearl clips - how to wear them to look stylish? Guide

In the wave of the retro trend, classic pearl clips are returning to favor. How to wear these jewelry accessories to look fashionable and stylish? Here are some hairstyles with pearl pins and tips to help you match them with your hairstyles.

Pearls for a wedding: how to choose the perfect jewelry for yourself?

The wedding day is a special moment in life that requires careful preparation and planning. A key aspect is choosing the perfect wedding jewelry to complete the look. Will pearls for the wedding be a good choice? By all means! They are one of the most classic and timeless types of jewelry chosen by brides.

Pearls are not only the epitome of elegance, but also carry a specific meaning. They have long been a symbol of purity, innocence and new beginnings - and these are, after all, ideal attributes for brides.

Wondering if it is possible to wear pearls to a wedding? Definitely yes! According to tradition, pearls are often considered a good omen for newlyweds. So, do pearls at a wedding bring bad luck? Absolutely not! This myth was debunked many years ago, and jewelry with pearls is still one of the most popular choices among wedding accessories.

How to store jewelry to preserve its beauty and value?

Want to preserve the beauty and value of your earrings and pearl necklaces? Proper jewelry storage is key! Pearls are delicate and require special care. From this article you will learn how to store pearl jewelry. We will reveal some practical tips on the subject. For example, you'll learn what to store your jewelry in, how to avoid scratches and tangling, and why it's a good idea to control the weather conditions in which you keep your pearls. Remember that wearing pearl jewelry regularly also contributes to keeping it in excellent condition. Get ready to discover the secret of pearls and learn simple ways to store your pearl jewelry that will allow you to enjoy its shine for longer!

How is a pearl born?

To fully appreciate the value and unique character of pearls, it is useful to know how a pearl is formed. In today's article we want to debunk the common belief that it is born in pain, and the main cause of its formation is a grain of sand that got inside the clam. It's a fact, pearl-bearing clams are responsible for the production of pearls, but the way they are produced is a bit different than the one at the forefront of many people's imagination. So it's time to explain what pearls are and how they are made.

How to distinguish real from fake pearls - or how not to buy an imitation?

In this article we point out what to look for in order to distinguish real pearls from artificial equivalents. Learn the basic methods by which each of us is able to check whether we are dealing with a fake or a genuine product of nature.

Are pearls expensive and what does it depend on?

Nowadays, the price of pearls has come down so much that virtually anyone can afford such jewellery. So how expensive are pearls? And what does the price of pearl jewellery depend on? You will read about it in this article!

Jak nosić broszkę z perłami? Kompleksowy poradnik

Pierścionek zaręczynowy z perłą: niebanalny sposób na okazanie miłości

Discover if pearls are fashionable! Guide to pearl jewelry trends

Pearls have been held in high esteem in the fashion world for centuries. They are a symbol of luxury, elegance and classic beauty. Created by living organisms, they have unique shapes, being jewels that never cease to impress with their perfection. In the era of ever-changing fashion trends, the question arises - are pearls fashionable? The answer is: absolutely yes! Pearls have again found their place in the closets of fashion lovers around the world, regardless of gender. In this blog post, we'll take a look at current trends in pearl jewelry for men and women, and examine the impact of fashion on the price and demand for these precious creations of nature.

Freshwater nuclear pearls "Edison" - the youngest jewels among pearls

Obtaining a nice round pearl in breeding is unlikely, and only a small percentage of pearls have just such a shape. It is even more difficult the larger the pearl one wants to obtain. It is easier to get such a shape in nuclear pearls (Akoya, South Sea, Tahiti) where a polished shell of a perfectly spherical shape is usually inserted into the mollusk, on which the mollusk applies successive layers of mother-of-pearl. In saltwater mollusks, the placement of such an artificial nucleus is easier due to their structure and size. Attempts to grow a freshwater pearl nucleus began more than a century ago.