Wondering what types of bracelets are popular today? How to choose the right model for your style and personal preferences? Today we can reach for many types of jewelry, which is much easier to match with the occasion, beauty and outfit. We wear bracelets for big outings, as a complement to outfits during important celebrations, but also on a daily basis for work, school and on vacation trips. We wear them on our wrists, arms and ankles.

It is an accessory that will never go out of fashion. It works well in modern, glamour, boho or classic styling. It matches rings, forms sets with chains. Many have their own hidden meanings. Many ladies have in their casket bracelets made of pearls, gemstones, made of gold or with gold-plated elements. How to choose a bracelet?

Bracelets - types and models

Which bracelet to choose depends on our beauty type, the way we dress and the occasion we want to wear it for. Our favorite style of jewelry workmanship and design is also not insignificant. There are several parameters to consider when planning to buy a bracelet for yourself or a loved one. First of all, pay attention to the material it is made of, the method of clasp, form and design.

The type of beauty determines what materials the bracelet should be made of. A spring, summer or winter lady should reach for bracelets with a silver finish. The silver color is designed for cool complexions, while gold emphasizes warm tones in a lady of autumn, for example. When deciding on a pearl bracelet, look at the metal accessories, but also the shade of the pearls themselves and their tone. A delicate spring looks better in warmer tones: yellow and cream, while dark pearls will emphasize the distinctive beauty of a lady of winter. For example, you can choose from Akoya, Tahiti or freshwater pearls. They vary in color, with cream, white, pink, salmon, blue, or brown colors available.

Types of bracelets, and the occasion for wearing them

The biggest hit of recent months is pearl jewelry, which is primarily associated with elegance and classics. However, modern bracelet designs, a multitude of colors and shapes of pearls make it possible for everyone to find the right model for themselves. Pearl bracelets can be extremely feminine and delicate, ornate and baroque or unique and eye-catching. When choosing among different types of bracelets, including pearl bracelets, it is also worth paying attention to the occasion for which you want to wear them.

One string bracelets with medium-sized pearls are popular. They will work well for everyday styling or for work. Made of silver or gold, the accessories will shimmer in the sun and draw the eye to the delicate ornament. Also reach for a pearl bracelet with an oblong shape. For a big outing, you can choose a bracelet made of several strings of pearls, or combine several individual bracelets together. In this way you will create an unforgettable ornament for your styling.

Types of bracelet clasps

Right behind the material, an important parameter for choosing a bracelet is how to put it on and fasten it. Why? Because it affects the comfort and convenience of wearing it. We recommend, for example:

  • Length adjusting chain, allows you to adjust the length,
  • elastic line rubber band, bracelets on a rubber band are much easier to put on by themselves,
  • magnetic clip, fasten and unfasten effortlessly,
  • traditional snap hook fastener, can have interesting shapes such as beans or circles.

When deciding on bracelets created with stones, you can be guided by the material of the clasp itself. Silver, gold, rubber bands and thongs affect the final appearance of the jewelry and its durability. Bracelets made of pearls strung on silk-nylon thread are durable and look beautiful on any wrist. Additional knotting between the pearls ensures that in case of damage to the jewelry, they will not fall apart and it will be easier to remove the defect.

Women's bracelets vs bead shape and color

Remember that bracelets can have beads in several shapes. For example, pearls, which we associate with a perfectly round bead, also come in irregular forms, such as oval or oblong. Combined with metal links in the shape of fruits or flowers, they bring to mind handmade elegant ornaments. Black thong adds to their character and drabness. Also fashionable are popular mother-of-pearl modules, resembling rectangles, which form an original cuff.

Reach for small or, on the contrary, huge white pearls, baroque pearls with a warm cream shade, brown, white and black, gray or pink, which will go with any outfit. Match darker colors with a white elegant blouse, delicate pastel shades will complement a date outfit, and white slightly more traditional ones will enhance styling with a thick sweater.

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