Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to place an order?

o place an order, add the selected jewelry to the basket. You can continue shopping and continue browsing our products or go straight to order fulfillment. All your selected products will be in the basket. You can still change their number or remove them from the list

Go to your order in the basket. In this step you will be asked to enter your shipping details. If any important information is missing, the system will automatically inform you about it. You can also register so that you don't need to enter your details on your next purchases and take part in the loyalty program.

n the next window you will check if the data is correct. You can also add a note to the order, e.g. information about the change in the color of gold, shortening the necklace or bracelet or changing the color of the pearl (if you want to make such changes before placing the order, please contact us). If everything is correct, go to the next step.

Select the chosen form of delivery, which will also affect the form of payment: payment on account or cash on delivery.

Then the option to choose the form of payment will appear. And the website will ask you for the final approval of the order.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. When choosing to pay by bank transfer, our bank details for the payment will be additionally displayed.

2. Can I order by e-mail or by phone?

Yes. You can place an order in our store by phone at 914854780 or 508255993 and by e-mail at

3. Are these real pearls?

Yes. All pearls in our store are real cultured pearls. Currently, there are no naturally caught pearls on the market. We also have coral products and the so-called Shell pearl (a man-made pearl made of natural material). It is then described in the name of the product and in its description, so there is no risk of making a mistake when buying. You can read more about pearls in our article on the page: Wchich Pearls to Choose?.

4. Why are sea pearls much more expensive than freshwater pearls?

This is mainly due to the amount of pearls obtained from the clam. Offshore farms are much more difficult to breed with a high risk of losing even the entire pearl population due to weather conditions. Many pearls can be obtained from freshwater mussels (although they may not have any jewelery value). Individual pearls form in saltwater. Their supply is therefore much smaller, and due to their beautiful appearance, the demand for them is high. This determines the final prices on the market. You can read about the differences of these pearls in our article: Which Pearls to Choose? Wchich Pearls to Choose?

5. Will I get a jewelry box?

Yes. For each pearl jewelry, you will receive an elegant boxor velour pouch with our logo, matching the size of the selected product.

6. Will I get a pearl certificate of authenticity?

Yes. For each pearl product, you will receive a certificate with a detailed description of the type of jewelry, the type of pearls with their parameters (shape, size and color) as well as the metals and precious stones used. As the largest importer of pearls in Poland (operating continuously since 1992), we have extensive experience in pearls, which guarantees that you will receive a product consistent with the description.

7. How can i pay for my order?

The order can be paid by ordinary transfer to the account provided in the e-mail and on the "Payment Forms" page available in the footer in the "Information" section or via the DotPay online payment system. There is also a possibility of payment on delivery.

8. Do you send products with cash on delivery?

Yes. You can order jewelery up to a value of EUR 3,000 (in PLN) with cash on delivery.

9. Will the pearl color actually be the same as in the photo?

The color of the pearls is very difficult to match perfectly in the photo. There are also differences in the displayed image on each screen depending on the quality of the panel and individual settings. The shade of the pearls may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo, although the color itself will be consistent with that in the description.

It should be borne in mind that pearls in nature are rarely snow-white, and more often have a delicate shade of ecru and such pearls are described as white. Sea pearls have a stronger shade of ecru or are white with a delicate shade of pink. Pearls described as dark may be green, blue, navy blue, purple or maroon. If you want a specific color, please let us know when ordering

10. Will the pearls in the set be color-matched?

Yes. Whenever you buy a necklace and bracelet or a set with earrings, a pendant or a ring, we will match the color of the pearls so that they constitute a set.

11. What is the order fulfillment time?

As the jewelery is made on site, orders are processed within 24 hours, so the shipment is sent on the next business day at the latest. In the event of any changes or selecting, for example, a non-standard ring size, the deadline may be slightly extended by 1-2 business days. In any case of a longer order fulfillment, we will inform you about it.

12. If I order two items separately, can I get them in one package?

Yes. If the system does not allow you to choose a free shipment with the second order, you can choose personal pickup, and inform about the joint shipment with the previous order in comments or in a separate e-mail message.

13. How can I be sure that I have placed my order correctly?

If you have received a confirmation e-mail, it means that the order has been correctly accepted for processing.

14. Can I place an order without creating an account?

Yes. You can place an order without registering as a guest.

15. Can I pick up the goods in person?

Yes. We make jewelry on the spot, so before collecting it, make sure that the product is ready for collection. You will be informed about it by e-mail

16.Can I see the jewelry before I buy it?

Yes. You can check our jewelry on the spot. However, it may happen that we do not have ready-made products with the selected parameters on site. However, this does not prevent you from seeing the pearls themselves or the same jewelry in a different length or size. If you care about exactly the product you will receive, please inform us about the date of your visit and we will prepare the product in advance.

17. Can the ordered product be sent as a gift?

Yes. We can send the jewelry directly to the recipient. If necessary, we will remove the price from the tag and we will send the receipt or invoice by e-mail to the ordering party's address.

18. Do you provide a warranty for your products?

Yes. We provide a lifetime warranty for our products. So if the necklace or bracelet is broken, or the pearl falls out for some reason, send us the product, and we will provide the binding and repair service free of charge. First of all, we focus on the high quality of our products and the service we provide, and the perpetual warranty is not just an empty advertising slogan for us.

19. What are the delivery costs?

The cost depends on the chosen form of delivery. Depending on the value of your order, you can get shipping for free. All information on costs can be found on the website: Delivery cost. Delivery Costs.

20. Can I order goods with the option of shipping abroad?

Yes. If your country is not on the pick-list, please contact us..

21. What should I do if I choose to pay online and have not made a deposit?

If for some reason the online payment has not been made, we have three more options. After contacting us, we can generate a new link with the payment for the order for you, which we will send to your e-mail. You can also make a traditional transfer (payment details available on the page: Payment Methods) or place the same order again (we will cancel the previous one)

22. Can I return the purchased product?

Yes. You have 14 days to withdraw from the contract with each purchase. Remember that the return does not include a purchase ordered for individual orders.

23. When will you return the money for the returned product?

We try to refund the payment as soon as possible. Usually it is 2-3 business days, although we give ourselves a maximum of 7 days.

24. How is the refund for returned products?

he money for the returned goods is sent to the account specified in the withdrawal protocol. In the absence of the protocol, they will be returned to the account from which the payment was made. When paying with the DotPay system, the amount will be refunded by the system to the same account from which the transfer was made.

25. Is it possible to exchange the purchased product for another?

Yes. Just contact us - we will discuss the details of the exchange.

26. What courier company delivers the parcels?

By default we send parcels by DPD courier.

27. How can I use discount codes?

Use the received rebate code by entering it in the field "Do you have a coupon?" in basket. If the coupon is valid, the price will be automatically reduced.

28. How can I get a VAT invoice?

When purchasing for a company, after entering the company name in the shipping data, a field for entering the tax identification number will appear automatically. If this number is completed, we will issue an invoice for the given data. In the case of orders for a private person, write in the comments information about the willingness to receive an invoice.

29. The products look similar but have different prices. What it depends on?

Pearls are a very specific product. Even slight differences in appearance, imperceptible at first glance, can significantly affect the price. The price depends primarily on the quality, shape and gloss. Please contact us if you want to know the exact differences.

30. Can you change the length of the necklace or bracelet?

Yes. All products, including necklaces and bracelets, are made on site, so you can order any length.

31. Can you change the color of the pearls?

Yes. In earrings, pendants, rings and brooches, changing the color of the pearl will not affect the price. In necklaces and bracelets, the price may differ if there are no pearls with the same parameters in a different color. However, these are occasional cases that you will be informed about.

32.Can you make an custom order for me?

Yes. We are a jewelry manufacturer and we accept custom orders. Please contact us to discuss the details.

33. I did not find the answer to my questions :(

Write or call us and we will provide all the necessary information :)