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Golden Earrings with Pearls KG758G

153.66 zł 133.66 zł

Subtly delicate gold earrings with pearls. They have a practical and comfortable clasp with a bar in a silicone surround. High-gloss pearls are set on a gold Au585 post. They add femininity and are suitable for any occasion.

  • -20.00 zł

String of Real Pearls NO078

340.65 zł

A universal string of pearls in white, dark or burgundy colours. The string can also be worn as a bracelet - there is a possibility of any composition, which depends only on you.

Silver Pearl Earrings 5,0-6,0 mm K156BS

39.84 zł

Simple and beautiful earrings with real pearl in white, salmon, pink or dark colours set on a silver post, which was additionally rhodium-plated, which in practice means that it became more resistant to blackening and gained a stronger shine.

Real Pearl Necklace NO78S1

275.61 zł

Delightful necklace with a delicate glow from real pearls. White pearls with a diameter of 6.5-7.5 mm are threaded on a special, additionally knotted silk-nylon thread. The clasp of the necklace was made of rhodium-plated silver.

Silver Pearl Necklace NR67S1B

129.27 zł

A sterling silver pearl necklace with an elongated shape and a nice shine that will create impression and interest at this size. The pearls have been strung with a strong fishing line and finished entirely with a silver clasp.

Silver Pearl Earrings 8-8.5 mm K1885S

39.84 zł

Simple and beautiful genuine pearl earrings with a diameter of 8,0-8,5 mm in white, grey, maroon, green, pink or brown colours set on a silver post.

Genuine Fine Pearls Ring RD0203

46.34 zł

A lovely ring of genuine pearls in a baroque shape. High-gloss freshwater pearls are placed on a strong and flexible wire, which forms a spiral and fits perfectly to the finger.

Silver Clips with Real Pearl KLIPSYS

113.01 zł

Stylish and elegant sterling silver clips with real pearl 8,5-9,0 mm in white, pink or dark colours. An additional beautiful shine is given by rhodium-plated sterling silver.

Gold Earrings with Akoya Pearl K1m556G

316.26 zł

Subtly delicate gold earrings with Akoya sea pearl. Real, perfectly round pearls with high shine set on a post in white or yellow gold. The earrings are accompanied by gold rams in a silicone setting.