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2 454,47 zł
Earrings made of 14k gold with pearls from French Polynesia. Tahiti pearls are naturally dark in color, but in addition to the distinct black tones, you can see green and brownish-purple highlights in them.

5 315,45 zł
Gold earrings with genuine South Sea pearls, characterised by beautiful round shape and flawless surface. Earrings have embedded diamonds in the total number of 36 pieces (0.156 ct). The earrings have a comfortable post clasp, and all elements are made of 14K white gold.

6 000,00 zł
Unique gold earrings with extremely rare South Sea pearls. They are set with a total of 46 diamonds (0.188 ct). The earrings have a comfortable stud clasp. All elements are made of 18k gold.

517,89 zł
Bracelet of genuine Akoya pearls with a perfectly round shape. The pearls with wonderful luster and small diameter will act as a subtle addition to your outfit. The bracelet features a 14k gold clasp in the shape of an elegant ball.

809,76 zł
Necklace of genuine Akoya sea pearls, which are famous for their beautiful brilliance and perfectly round shape. The necklace is finished with a clasp in the form of an elegant ball made of 585 gold.

722,76 zł
Gold pendant with a white Akoya pearl of 8,0-8,5mm diameter. The sea pearl set on the front attracts attention with it's perfectly round shape. The pendant is made of 14K gold.

1 330,89 zł
Gold earrings with white Akoya pearl (8.0-8.5mm in diameter). Beautiful, round, set on the front of the pearl will make everyone pay attention to you. Earrings have a comfortable kidney clasp.

1 039,02 zł
Simple gold ring with an Akoya pearl with a large diameter of 8-8.5 mm, so everyone will pay attention to it. The ring is made entirely of 585 sterling gold.

96,75 zł
Silver earrings with genuine white freshwater pearls. Made of sterling silver. Their total length is almost 5,5 cm. These chic earrings in the form of a small chain are the perfect way to attract attention.

80,76 zł 209,76 zł
Handmade necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White pearls about 7,5-8,5 mm in diameter were strung on a special silk-nylon jewellery thread. Comfortable necklace lobster claw clasp is made out of silver,

72,36 zł
Beautiful classic hoops made of silver, topped with a pendant with a white pearl. The earrings have a endless/infinity clasp (a wire slipped into a tube).

64,23 zł
Earring inspired by Indian tradition - small and shiny, made entirely of silver with beautiful white pearls set on it.