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61,14 zł 121,14 zł
Delicate earrings made of the highest quality silver. Heart-shaped pattern is set with diamond-cut zircons. Earrings have a comfortable stud clasp. The heart pattern is about 11 mm wide and 10 mm high.

61,14 zł 121,14 zł
Charming and delicate necklace made of highest quality silver with a beautiful pendant with a heart motif. Sparkling white zircons, which are set on the pendant, have a diamond cut.

1 467,89 zł 1 617,89 zł
Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with this long pearl necklace. Measuring 125-128 cm in length, the necklace is made out of Akoya pearls with an almost round shape and beautiful luster.

178,58 zł 223,58 zł
Jewelry set - pendant and earrings with white oval freshwater pearls and sparkling zircons. Earrings have convenient and practical stud clasps. The set is made of highest quality sterling silver.

123,74 zł 183,74 zł
A set of jewelry made of genuine freshwater pearls characterized by exceptional luster and flawless surface. The set includes pendant and earrings with stud clasp.

45,04 zł 65,04 zł
Subtle pendant with genuine freshwater pearls. The shine of the pearls and zircons makes the pendant look beautiful in the light.

30,99 zł 80,49 zł
Elegant gold-plated earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. The pearls are distinguished by their brilliant lustre and flawless surface. Perfect for any occasion - they will be a great choice both as a gift and for your own.

4 131,71 zł 4 731,71 zł
A necklace of genuine Akoya pearls with a beautiful golden hue and even shape. On the front the pearls have been divided by gold balls made of 14k gold. The necklace is finished with an elegant clasp made entirely of 585 gold.

653,45 zł 715,45 zł
Bracelet with genuine freshwater pearls separated by gold balls. Pearls are strung on a special silk nylon jewellery thread. A gold clasp in the form of a ball with a safety lock adds elegance.

1 273,98 zł 1 373,98 zł
Necklace with genuine freshwater pearls, which are separated by gold balls. Pearls were strung on a special silk nylon jeweler's thread. The necklace is complemented by a gold clasp in the form of an elegant ball.

136,83 zł 226,83 zł
Handmade necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White pearls about 7,5-8,5 mm in diameter were strung on a special silk-nylon jewellery thread. Comfortable necklace lobster claw clasp is made out of silver,