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Gold chain with black pearl Tahiti LAN105TG Gold chain with black pearl Tahiti LAN105TG

18k Gold Chain with Black Pearl Tahiti LAN105TG

2,194.31 zł 1,794.31 zł

A beautifully lustrous gold Tahiti sea pearl chain. These magnificent pearls hailing from French Polynesia are characterized by their extraordinary luster, roundness and one-of-a-kind natural color. A single, large pearl on a delicate chain will work perfectly as an elegant addition to your styling.

  • -400.00 zł
Gold chain with South Sea Pearl and 3 cubic zirconias placed in the form of a crown LAN23SC18G Gold chain with South Sea Pearl and 3 cubic zirconias placed in the form of a crown LAN23SC18G Gold chain with South Sea Pearl and 3 cubic zirconias placed in the form of a crown LAN23SC18G

Gold Chain with South Sea Pearl LAN23SC18G

2,666.67 zł 2,366.67 zł

Luxurious South Sea pearl chain. Combined the highest quality 18K gold with a pearl of perfect round shape and intense golden color. It is topped off with 3 cubic zirconias placed above the pearl to form a crown shape. This is an investment that will please the eye and adorn the neck for many years to come.

  • -300.00 zł

Gold Earrings with South Sea Pearl K18M10711G

4,861.79 zł 4,461.79 zł

Gold hoop earrings with the perfect Australian South Sea pearl. South Sea pearls are one of the most precious in the world, hence their uniqueness. The earrings have a natural golden colour. They will emphasise your charm and add glamour.

  • -400.00 zł

Gold Ring with Pearl on a Polished Shell + Rubies or Sapphires FR0657MuG

1,462.60 zł 1,362.60 zł

A stunning gold ring with a genuine freshwater pearl. High-gloss pearl is set on a beautiful, polished shell in the shape of a flower, which is additionally enriched with glittering gemstones. In the white version there are blood-red rubies, and in the dark one - star sapphires.

  • -100.00 zł

Gold-Plated Earrings with White Pearls K67SGP

88.62 zł 48.62 zł

Elegant gold-plated earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. The pearls are distinguished by their brilliant lustre and flawless surface. Perfect for any occasion - they will be a great choice both as a gift and for your own.

  • -40.00 zł

Silver Earrings with Heart-Shaped Theme E1011S

121.14 zł 101.14 zł

Delicate earrings made of the highest quality silver. Heart-shaped pattern is set with diamond-cut zircons. Earrings have a comfortable stud clasp. The heart pattern is about 11 mm wide and 10 mm high.

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  • -20.00 zł

Silver Jewellery Set with Pearls K+0910S3

649.59 zł 601.59 zł

An attractive set of silver jewellery with freshwater pearls. In this set every woman will feel special and both daily and evening outfit will gain character.

  • -48.00 zł

Silver Pearl Jewellery Set K+O1011S3

706.50 zł 646.50 zł

A popular silver jewellery set with large freshwater pearls. A necklace and bracelet perfect for a woman who likes to show off in beautiful, distinctive jewellery. Due to the size of the pearls, the set is instantly eye-catching.

  • -60.00 zł

Silver Pearl Necklace with Clover N1011S515

844.72 zł 724.72 zł

Necklace of freshwater pearls. Large, pretty pearls of a slightly oval shape. The unique flower-shaped clasp with white and black zircons is a beautiful decoration.

  • -120.00 zł

Silver Real Pearl Necklace NO67AGR

210.57 zł 150.57 zł

A sensual handmade necklace of genuine pearls. The necklace has a special silk-nylon jewellery thread which was knotted. High-gloss pearls in a salmon shade were finished with a silver snap hook clasp, which was additionally rhodium-plated.

  • -60.00 zł