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MARKA APEARLWe believe that every woman deserves real pearls - the only stones produced by living organisms. That is why we have been sending these beautiful jewels to our clients and clients for over 26 years.

Since you are on this page, it means that you are considering purchasing pearls. And no matter if for yourself or for a loved one. You will find a wide selection, a variety of patterns and forms, a full range of colors, and even rare shapes.

We strive to make our Apearl store a favorite place to visit for all lovers of pearls, regardless of their tastes or the size of their wallet.

Wondering why you should buy at

1) For each piece of pearl jewelry, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with our stamp, the seller's signature and basic information about the product.

2) You will receive a lifetime warranty from us, which means that if your jewelry needs to be modified or repaired, we will take care of it free of charge! Even a few years after the purchase. Nobody else offers it!

3) You don't need to worry about the delivery time, because our priority is to ship the product within 24 hours of payment. It is possible thanks to our studio, which works hard on preparing current orders every morning.

4) You can choose the length, type of clasp, and even pearls, because we provide all such services for free! It is thanks to Karolina and Piotr from our studio

5) JIf you need help, just call us or write an email. Our employees will be happy to advise you, help with the choice and answer any questions.

6) You will put on hand-made jewelry made in Poland, from a real company that has been dealing with pearls for over 26 years.

7) You can place an custom order and we will gladly make it for you.

8) You are buying from a proven company that has 100% positive opinions on Allegro. Hardly any company cares about providing good service as we do :)

9) Shipping prices accordingly to country and delivery service. We do not make money on shipping as other sellers do, overstating the amounts

Our customers do not have to worry about the lack of pearls availability, because we update our warehouses on a regular basis. As proof, we present a photo of just one wall of pearls from only one warehouse, several of which we have a total area of over 100 m2!

Magazyn marki Apearl

You can also meet us at national jewelry fairs, including GOLD EXPO in Warsaw or AMBERIF in Gdańsk. Both new and regular customers appreciate our offer, saying that only here they find new, fashionable designs that they could not find elsewhere.

marka Apearl - targi GOLD EXPO Warszawa

We hope that we convinced you to buy pearls with us :) If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us via the formularz kontaktowy, e-mail address or by calling +48 91 485 47 85

We hope that you enjoy our pearl jewelry :)

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