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Christmas offer at the Apearl®

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? We have dozens of products for you with discounts up to 50%! The highest quality pearl jewelry at exceptional prices. Classic necklaces, gold or silver earrings and much more! The promotion lasts only until Christmas.

943,90 zł 1 048,78 zł
Exclusive earrings with genuine sea pearl. Precious, perfectly round Akoya pearls are set on a pin of yellow gold. Classics of pearls for the most demanding.

109,27 zł 129,27 zł
Beautifully shimmering dark pearls are placed on the pin clasp, which is made of luxurious 18k rose gold.
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59,27 zł 129,27 zł
Elegant and subtle earrings with genuine cultured pearls. The heavily lustrous pearl is surrounded by gold plated sterling silver with a beautiful, ornate design.

77,62 zł 88,62 zł
Beautiful earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. The clear pearl surface is decorated with a charming bow-shaped pattern. Perfect as a gift under the Christmas tree or for any other occasion.

1 040,65 zł
Unique earrings with genuine sea pearls. Extremely precious Akoya pearls impress with their beautiful luster and flawless surface, while having a subtle size.

150,12 zł 195,12 zł
Beautiful silver earrings with a large freshwater pearl in an oval shape. Perfect both as an everyday accessory to an outfit and jewellery for a special occasion.

1 536,59 zł
Gold earrings with a real Akoya sea pearl. The delicate design of the earrings is perfect for everyday use, while their exclusivity will also suit evening creations.

91,14 zł 121,14 zł
Eye-catching sterling silver earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. Flawless pearls with a high shine and smooth surface are adorned with a silver crown with sparkling zircons around the perimeter.

101,63 zł
Exceptionally beautiful earrings with freshwater pearl without Biwa nucleus. A silver heart filled with black zircons adds sparkle to the whole.

730,89 zł
An exceptional pendant with a real Akoya sea pearl. Precious 18K gold and a beautiful, round Akoya pearl is a truly sophisticated and exclusive combination that will delight every jewellery lover.

389,43 zł
A dazzling sterling silver pendant with a genuine freshwater pearl. A dark or white high-shine pearl is set in the centre of a unique piece of sterling silver with a thick layer of rhodium, which shimmers like white gold.

113,01 zł
A classic gold pendant with a genuine freshwater pearl. 14K gold can be in standard yellow or white. A simple design with a teardrop-shaped pearl with a high shine.

72,36 zł
Ring in the shape of an infinity symbol decorated with a real freshwater pearl. The delicate and extremely fashionable design with the always elegant pearl will be a perfect decoration.

145,53 zł
Stylish ring with genuine freshwater pearl. The ring has an interesting, original shape of the ring decorated with a sparkling zirconia. The main decoration is a beautifully shiny pearl with a clean surface and a large diameter of about 10.5 mm.

129,27 zł
Unusual silver ring on which we find a real freshwater pearl with a beautiful shine. Next to the pearl you will find sparkling zircons, behind which a silver braid extends the ring.

316,26 zł
Classic, subtle, handmade necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. Pretty, shiny pearls were arranged in gradation.

722,76 zł
Extremely feminine necklace of genuine pearls of delicate salmon pink colour. Very pretty pearls with amazing luster and smooth surface will be a subtle but very phenomenal adornment.

153,66 zł
Unusual handmade necklace made of freshwater pearls. Real pearls with a nice round shape and a specific copper-brown color.

141,79 zł 161,79 zł
A delightful chain with a real freshwater pearl of impressive size, reaching approximately 11mm in diameter. Real pearl with a clear surface is placed on a beautiful pendant decorated with sparkling zircons. The whole is made with great precision and care.

149,92 zł 169,92 zł
Elegant chain with a large cultured pearl. The real pearl is surrounded by a beautiful 925 gold plated sterling silver element with a fancy shape, additionally decorated with shiny zircons.

2 626,02 zł
Niezwykle delikatny złoty łańcuszek z prawdziwą morską perłą Tahiti o srebrzystej barwie. Subtelny łańcuszek wykonany został w całości z 18k białego złota (próba 750).

565,85 zł 665,85 zł
Charming necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White, slightly oval pearls and a decorative silver clasp crowned with a pearl make this necklace a real charm.

59,17 zł 73,17 zł
Earrings in a form of pearls hanging on silver strings. Their total length is about 7 cm. Available in three colors.
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143,09 zł
Silver chain with a pendant in the shape of infinity symbol adorned with a real freshwater pearl. Classic anklet braid will be perfect as a delicate ornament worn every day.

291,87 zł
Classic necklace made of genuine pearls. Classic white pearls of a nice, even shape and strong lustre were strung on a special jeweler's thread. The pearl drawer clasp is made of rhodium-plated silver.

161,79 zł
Delicate silver chain of unusual design with genuine freshwater pearls attached as pendants. Perfect as a subtle addition to an evening outfit or formal attire.

202,44 zł
An extremely original silver necklace made of genuine freshwater pearls. Beautifully shining pearls in three colours which gradually change colour give it a spectacular look.

136,83 zł 226,83 zł
A necklace of genuine freshwater pearls of an unusual, silvery colour. Strong luster and beautiful colour make the pearls stand out. The carabiner clasp is made of highest quality 925 sterling silver.

289,00 zł
A beautiful silver necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White pearls of round shape and strong lustre are a classic and reliable choice for lovers of this type of jewellery.

158,54 zł
Necklace of real pearls of unusual natural shapes. Exceptionally large pearls, approx. 10.5-11.5mm in diameter.

118,70 zł
Silver necklace with real pearls of unusual baroque shape. Very large pearls with a diameter of about 9-11mm and a length of up to 15mm. Despite their size, these pearls are available at an attractive price. An ideal gift for lovers of original jewellery.

125,53 zł 145,53 zł
Subtly delicate gold earrings with pearls. They have a practical and comfortable clasp with a bar in a silicone surround. High-gloss pearls are set on a gold Au585 post. They add femininity and are suitable for any occasion.

160,57 zł 210,57 zł
A beautiful and elegant handmade jewellery set with real pearls. White freshwater pearls intertwined with black beads and sparkling crystals in a silver setting.

58,01 zł 113,01 zł
Handmade bracelet with freshwater pearls. The bracelet is made on a stretchy rubber cord so it will fit any hand.

347,56 zł 397,56 zł
A delicate gold chain finished with a single round freshwater pearl. The highest quality 18K gold 750 shimmers and glitters beautifully.

141,71 zł 202,44 zł
Delightful necklace with a delicate glow from real pearls. White pearls with a diameter of 6.5-7.5 mm are threaded on a special, additionally knotted silk-nylon thread. The clasp of the necklace was made of rhodium-plated silver.

1 100,00 zł 1 300,00 zł
Extremely delicate gold chain with a genuine Tahiti sea pearl of silvery colour. The subtle chain is made entirely of 18k white gold (750).

126,83 zł 158,54 zł
A graceful silver chain with genuine pearls. The chain culminates as a suspended elastic lace with three hanging oval shaped pearls.

413,82 zł
An incredibly sparkling necklace of genuine Akoya sea pearls. The dark steel pearls sparkle with a delicate, barely noticeable, purple-blue overtone.
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350,89 zł 430,89 zł
Subtle delicate gold earrings with sea white Akoya pearl. Practical and comfortable post clasp. Suitable for any occasion. Subtlety for a woman like you.

72,36 zł
Stylish handmade bracelet of genuine freshwater pearls with dark iridescent color. Large pearls with a diameter of 8,5-9,5 and oval shape look very elegant.

289,43 zł
Amazing sterling silver bracelet of freshwater pearls with an interesting ivy-like weave. Real teardrop-shaped pearls are intertwined with shiny zircons. The bracelet has an additional chain, thanks to which the length can be adjusted.

829,27 zł
Unique, handmade bracelet with genuine Akoya sea pearls. Round pearls with a high lustre were strung on a special silk-nylon jewellery thread. A jewellery classic that should be a must when picking pearls.

96,75 zł
Extremely tasteful bracelet with freshwater pearls.
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