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Pearl bracelets

Are you looking for an original bracelet that you can put on to emphasize femininity and arouse curiosity among your friends? Pearl bracelet will definitely be a great choice.
For your favorite jeans, fine white pearls are a very good addition. However, nothing prevents you from adding a little more character and putting on bold large pearls, even with a dark color. In our offer you will find pearl bracelets of different, even exotic colors, thanks to which your outfit will look special.
Are you looking for something less classic? Multi-row bracelets made of colorful baroque pearls will surely satisfy your sophisticated taste. And if you are looking for a bracelet for special occasions, instead of freshwater pearls, pay attention to the large selection of Akoya sea pearls, South Sea or the extremely elegant Tahiti pearls from French Polynesia, where you will feel more luxurious.
Such jewelry will please you not only yourself, but also every person you meet who will be able to admire and admire the natural beauty of pearls. After adding a decorative clasp with diamonds, sapphires or rubies, a real masterpiece will be created.
We make every pearl bracelet for you, so you can freely configure its parameters such as: length, color of pearls or type of fastening.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet BŁUPG2

886.18 zł

Original bracelet made with freshwater, oblong shaped baroque pearls. High-shine and beautifully iridescent pearls.

 Bransoleta 6-rzędowa BMIX2M

6-Row Pearl Bracelet BMIX2M

307.32 zł

Eccentric 6-row bracelet, made with tear- and baroque-shaped pearls. Finished with a magnetis, rhodium plated silver clasp. Attention-catching jewelry for a special occasion.

Huge Pearl Bracelet B1011S3SP

218.70 zł

A distinctive bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. Large pearls with a nice luster and an even shape were strung on a special silk nylon jewellery thread. The bracelet has a unique patterned drawer clasp, which is made entirely of the highest quality sterling silver.

Silver Bamboo Coral BraceletBK0075S1

47.97 zł

Fancy silver bamboo bead bracelet. Real beads are finished with a carabiner clasp, which is made of the highest quality rhodium-plated silver.

Baroque Pearl Bracelet BB089S1R

72.36 zł

A fashionable and unusual bracelet made of genuine freshwater pearls. A triple string of highly lustrous pearls of baroque shape in a large size.

Silver Pearl Bracelet B910Z650S

305.69 zł

Unusual, handmade bracelet made of real freshwater pearls. Fabergé lace clasp topped with a tasteful pendant at the other end.

Gold Bracelet with Real Pearls B078G3

642.28 zł

Beautiful gold pearl bracelet. Real slightly oval pearls look great in the company of a golden ball-shaped clasp. The bracelet is made with a special silk-nylon thread.

Bronze Pearl Bracelet BO089S3M

113.01 zł

Unusual hand-made bracelet with freshwater pearls. Real pearls with a nice round shape and a specific copper-brown color.

Genuine Pearl Bracelet BO910S3BR

145.53 zł

Large size, shimmering, hand-made bracelet made of real pearls. Shaped pearls with strong gloss and a large size of about 9mm.