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Pearl bracelets

Are you looking for an original bracelet that you can put on to emphasize femininity and arouse curiosity among your friends? Pearl bracelet will definitely be a great choice.
For your favorite jeans, fine white pearls are a very good addition. However, nothing prevents you from adding a little more character and putting on bold large pearls, even with a dark color. In our offer you will find pearl bracelets of different, even exotic colors, thanks to which your outfit will look special.
Are you looking for something less classic? Multi-row bracelets made of colorful baroque pearls will surely satisfy your sophisticated taste. And if you are looking for a bracelet for special occasions, instead of freshwater pearls, pay attention to the large selection of Akoya sea pearls, South Sea or the extremely elegant Tahiti pearls from French Polynesia, where you will feel more luxurious.
Such jewelry will please you not only yourself, but also every person you meet who will be able to admire and admire the natural beauty of pearls. After adding a decorative clasp with diamonds, sapphires or rubies, a real masterpiece will be created.
We make every pearl bracelet for you, so you can freely configure its parameters such as: length, color of pearls or type of fastening.

Tahiti Diamond Pearl Bracelet BRlanT1112S

673.98 zł

Only with us! An unusual Tahiti sea pearl with a faceted surface that shines beautifully in the light. Framed in a silver chain with a Gucci weave, it looks modern and elegant. This is a bracelet that can be admired for hours.

Bracelet of Pearls and Hematite BrH7080S

194.31 zł

The bracelet is a composition of freshwater pearls and hematite beads. Grey and dark stones will perfectly suit an elegant man. It is topped off with a comfortable snap clasp made of silver.

Silver Brown Pearl Bracelet BRB9010S

234.96 zł

A bracelet of large oval freshwater pearls in a shade of autumnal warm brown. The pearls with a strong lustre are topped with an elegant silver drawer clasp.

Real Pearls and Agate Bracelet BZ5AGS1

88.62 zł

A bracelet perfect for summer, being a combination of white freshwater pearls and beautiful green agate stones. Fastened with a standard silver federing clasp. Five transparent nylon strands create an extremely lightweight composition.

Bracelet of large reddish-brown pearls with decorative silver carabiner clasp B1011S1B Bracelet of large reddish-brown pearls with decorative silver carabiner clasp B1011S1B

Bracelet of Maroon Pearls B1011S1B

479.67 zł

A bracelet for those who appreciate unconventional accessories. Deep burgundy-brown pearls are set with a large silver snap clasp. This is jewelry that draws attention to itself.

Original Keshi Pearl Bracelet BK2P1011S

202.44 zł

A bracelet of eye-catching elongated Keshi pearls and baroque-like oval pearls. The shimmering, multicoloured pearls are available in light or dark shades. This is jewellery that emphasises individuality.

Gold chain bracelet with 5 dark Tahiti pearls, equally spaced from each other BT995G Gold chain bracelet with 5 dark Tahiti pearls, equally spaced from each other BT995G

Subtle Gold Bracelet with Tahiti Pearls BT995G

7,878.05 zł

An elegant gold chain bracelet decorated with premium Tahiti sea pearls. The pearls, with their unusual dark colour, are luxurious gems that can be treated as an investment asset.

Silver Pearl Bracelet BR202S1

69.11 zł

Elegant sterling silver bracelet with pearls of stunning lustre. Exceptionally carefully crafted, combining the beauty of pearls with a solid silver federing clasp. A perfect ornament that will attract attention with its charm and quality of workmanship.

Silver Bracelet with Genuine White Pearls BO1060

218.70 zł

Round white pearls combined with a silver decorative clasp with zircons create a beautiful bracelet. Convenient snap closure ensures comfortable wearing and easy on and off. This is jewelry that adds sparkle to every moment.

Silver bracelet with freshwater pearls BBŁUPS1 Silver bracelet with freshwater pearls BBŁUPS1

Silver Bracelet with Unique Pearls BBŁUPS1

218.70 zł

Bransoletka z prawdziwych pereł barokowych oraz tzw. keshi. Niestandardowy kształt pereł przyciąga spojrzenia. Pięknie połyskujące perły mają bardzo różne kształty, które wynikają z naturalnego procesu ich formowania. Zakończona jest zapięciem umożliwiającym regulację.