Silver Pearl Chain YA074S

199.00 zł

A stylish silver chain with genuine freshwater pearls. The teardrop-shaped white pearls impress with their high shine and hang below 3 decorative, beautiful inserts.

Złoty Naszyjnik z Pereł Morskich Akoya Nm0657G32 Złoty Naszyjnik z Pereł Morskich Akoya Nm0657G32

Gold Dark Pearl Necklace NO89G8

4,199.00 zł

A beautiful necklace made of genuine freshwater pearls. The pearls have a very intense and flawless surface and an unusual dark green colour.

String of Real Pearls NO078

319.00 zł 299.00 zł

A universal string of pearls in white, dark or burgundy colours. The string can also be worn as a bracelet - there is a possibility of any composition, which depends only on you.

  • -20.00 zł

6-Row Pearl Necklace NMIX2M

578.00 zł

Eccentric 6-row necklace made with tear- and baroque-shaped pearls. Finished with a magnetic, rhodium plated silver clasp.

Silver Real Pearl Choker Necklace NO6575S

289.00 zł

A beautiful silver necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White pearls of round shape and strong lustre are a classic and reliable choice for lovers of this type of jewellery.

Silver Grey Pearl Necklace NO67S1S

279.00 zł 189.00 zł

A necklace of genuine freshwater pearls of an unusual, silvery colour. Strong luster and beautiful colour make the pearls stand out. The carabiner clasp is made of highest quality 925 sterling silver.

  • -90.00 zł

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ5S1

129.00 zł

Unusual necklace with genuine freshwater pearls in salmon shade. High-gloss pearls are placed on a thin, transparent nylon string, which is highly resistant to breaking.

Gold Chain with Tahiti Pearl LANT10118G

5,590.00 zł

A unique gold pendant with a genuine Tahiti sea pearl suspended on a gold chain. Both elements were made of precious 18 carat gold. Wonderful pearl of natural steel-green colour and a diameter of almost 11mm is the perfect choice for a unique gift.

String of freshwater pearls NO89 120cm

289.00 zł

A beautifully sparkling, handmade string of freshwater pearls without a BIWA nucleus. There is a possibility of any composition, which depends only on you.

Pearl necklaces

Pearl necklace is the most natural ornament a woman can have in her collection. In the past pearls were a sign of wealth and high social status. However, not much has changed, because nowadays they're still greatly admired.

Do you know why each pearl necklace is one of a kind? Pearls are a natural creation of pearl oysters, and after being fished out they are not subjected to any mechanical treatment. Pearls are so unique that it is virtually impossible to find two identical ones.

That is why we attach great importance to fitting pearls in terms of size, color, shape and quality. Every day in our studio, we do everything to make the pearls in our necklaces as similar as possible and constitute a set. We devote the most time to pearl selection, however this is just one of the many jobs we do every day so that our customers can proudly wear our jewelry.

You can find necklaces made of freshwater and sea pearls. Sea pearls (both Akoya, Tahiti and South Sea) due to their value are mainly found in gold products. In contrast, freshwater pearl necklaces are made in silver and gold - depending on the quality.

Classic round pearl necklaces will be a great choice that will be perfect for everyday clothing as well as for special occasions. However, we are not limited to round pearls. We also have pearls of various shapes and colors that satisfy the most sophisticated tastes.

We make our pearl jewelry on site, thanks to which we can quickly process orders and give the possibility of any configuration for individual orders.