Silver Round Pearl Earrings KO0885S

439.00 zł

Elegant earrings with beautiful freshwater pearls. High-quality pearls are distinguished by their perfectly round shape, strong lustre and flawless surface.

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Gold Akoya Sea Pearl Earrings K1m859G

1,290.00 zł

Exclusive earrings with genuine sea pearl. Precious, perfectly round Akoya pearls are set on a pin of yellow gold. Classics of pearls for the most demanding.

Złota kolczyki z perłami KDT-G

Gold earrings with round pearls KO0910G

1,665.00 zł

Luxurious earrings with genuine, large freshwater pearls with a perfectly round shape and smooth surface. The beautifully lustrous pearls of the highest class are perfectly matched with 14-carat gold.

Gold Earrings with Akoya Pearl K1m556G

259.00 zł

Subtly delicate gold earrings with Akoya sea pearl. Real, perfectly round pearls with high shine set on a post in white or yellow gold. The earrings are accompanied by gold rams in a silicone setting.

Silver Pearl Earrings IE0524S

129.00 zł

Hanging post earrings with precious pearls of oval shape. The slender and aesthetic shape of these earrings will make your jewellery a subtle yet phenomenal adornment.

Golden Earrings with Pearls KG758G

179.00 zł 159.00 zł

Subtly delicate gold earrings with pearls. They have a practical and comfortable clasp with a bar in a silicone surround. High-gloss pearls are set on a gold Au585 post. They add femininity and are suitable for any occasion.

  • -20.00 zł

Pearl Earrings

Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. Worn as a delicate form of decoration that always attracts attention. That is why their selection is so important.

Why choose pearl earrings? Pearls as one of the oldest ornaments are characterized by exceptional elegance and undeniable charm. Always fashionable, incredibly feminine and giving a sense of uniqueness. Pearl earrings are a reflection of all the features of this unique and natural stone.

Earrings with smaller pearls will subtly emphasize your charm. However, these larger pearls in combination with decorative precious stones will give a more elegant and exclusive look.

In our collection you will find earrings for every occasion. We give a choice between simple, classic sticks, through various types of open and closed hooks, for earrings with English or omega fasteners. A large collection of earrings in silver and gold (yellow and white) allows you to choose an interesting and original pattern for various circumstances.

In pearl earrings, we take special care that pearls are paired, so they form a set. Every day in our studio, we choose pearls in terms of shape, color together with the shade, gloss and the same quality.

We make our pearl earrings on site, so you can place an individual order. Thanks to this, you can choose, among others, your favorite color or quality of pearls.