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Large selection of silver earrings with a real pearl. Pearls in various shapes and colors in a classic setting as well as decorative patterns with embedded zircons. An excellent selection of the most fashionable designs.

Silver Pearl Chain Earrings KYA381S

145.53 zł

Unique, silver earrings with freshwater pearls and sparkling zirconia. The advantage of these earrings is the possibility to adjust the position of the pearl. The earrings have a comfortable post clasp.

Silver Pearl Chain Earrings KYA438S

96.75 zł

Tempting silver earrings with a pearl. Real teardrop-shaped pearl in white or dark colours hangs on a silver chain which is additionally rhodium-plated. An ideal, casual gift for a loved one.

Silver Round Pearl Earrings KO775S

153.66 zł

Sensational earrings with genuine freshwater pearls in a round shape. Due to their value, round pearls are usually used in a gold setting.

Sterling Silver Earrings with Pearls and Zircons KYA081S

234.96 zł

Timeless silver earrings with three genuine freshwater pearls. Also noteworthy are sparkling cubic zirconia set on a silver element in the shape of a semicircle. The earrings were additionally covered with a layer of rhodium.

Silver earrings with coral KK018047S

56.10 zł

Beautiful silver earrings with bamboo coral. They will add glamour to you and your creation. Earrings have a comfortable clasp bigiel type closed.

Silver Pearl Earrings 8-8.5 mm K1885S

47.97 zł

Simple and beautiful genuine pearl earrings with a diameter of 8,0-8,5 mm in white, grey, maroon, green, pink or brown colours set on a silver post.

Zirconia Silver Earrings with Pearl YA051S

137.40 zł

Eye-catching sterling silver earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. Flawless pearls with a high shine and smooth surface are adorned with a silver crown with sparkling zircons around the perimeter.

Silver Earrings with Real Pearls E1803S

88.62 zł

Neat silver earrings with naturally cultured freshwater pearls. Real teardrop-shaped pearls in white or dark colours hang on a silver post with zircons that make the earrings shine beautifully.

Sterling Silver Earrings with Real Pearl E1797S

79.67 zł

Sweet sterling silver earrings with a perfect genuine pearl set on a heart-shaped post with cubic zirconia. Both the post and the clasp are made of the highest quality rhodium plated silver.