We provide a lifetime warranty for all of our products. In the case that your jewelry needs repair or modification, we will take care of it for free!

We take care of the repair even years after the purchase and provide the best service for our clients!

How does it work step-wise?

1. You buy jewelry from us. It is recommended to read "How to take care of pearls?" to find out what to avoid.

2. If the product requires immediate repair, write us an email or call using our contact page -kontakt.

3. We will ask you to send the jewelry to our adress, preferably using the registered letter.

4. After receiving the parcel, our workshop will start repairing it. In some cases, we will offer a replacement for a new product instead of repair.

5. We will deliver the jewelry back to you at our expense.

Every day we make sure that all our products are of the highest quality. However, if you have a case in which a repair will be necessary, remember that you can always contact us and send us back the purchased jewelry.