Gold pendant with pearl W180885G

239.00 zł 229.00 zł

A classic, elegant pendant with a beautiful, round freshwater pearl of about 8.5mm in diameter. The pendant comes in two variants: white gold with dark pearl and yellow gold with white pearl.

  • -10.00 zł
Złota zawieszka z perłą BIWA Z13514G Złota zawieszka z perłą BIWA Z13514G

Gold Akoya Pearl Pendant WMO885G

899.00 zł

An exceptional pendant with a real Akoya sea pearl. Precious 18K gold and a beautiful, round Akoya pearl is a truly sophisticated and exclusive combination that will delight every jewellery lover.

Sterling Silver Pendant with Real Pearl ZP10S

479.00 zł

A dazzling sterling silver pendant with a genuine freshwater pearl. A dark or white high-shine pearl is set in the centre of a unique piece of sterling silver with a thick layer of rhodium, which shimmers like white gold.

Srebrne Kolczyki z Perłą JFD0061S

Silver Pearl and Zirconia Pendant WE775S

89.00 zł

A stylish pendant with a real freshwater pearl in the shape of a teardrop. The high-quality pearl with a smooth surface is hung on a decorative element with sparkling zircons.


59.00 zł

A tasteful pendant with a real freshwater pearl, which is set in the centre of a decorative silver element.
Silver pendant with a pearl.

Gold Chain with Tahiti Pearl LANT10118G

5,390.00 zł

A unique gold pendant with a genuine Tahiti sea pearl suspended on a gold chain. Both elements were made of precious 18 carat gold. Wonderful pearl of natural steel-green colour and a diameter of almost 11mm is the perfect choice for a unique gift.

Zirconia Silver Pendant with Pearl PYA051S

85.00 zł 79.00 zł

An eye-catching silver pendant with a genuine freshwater pearl. The flawless pearl with a high shine and smooth surface is adorned with a silver crown with sparkling zircons around the perimeter.

  • -6.00 zł

Gold Pearl Pendant 10x12 mm W1012G

209.00 zł 165.00 zł

Charming gold pendant with a real teardrop-shaped pearl. Thanks to its class and the large diameter of the pearl it draws everyone's attention.

  • -44.00 zł

Silver and gold pendants with real freshwater or sea pearls in various designs. Shape and color of pearls can be changed individually.