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234,96 zł
A combination of a beautiful white or dark pearl with an extremely fashionable design made entirely of the highest quality rhodium-plated sterling silver.

5 406,50 zł
Exclusive brooch with genuine freshwater pearls. The combination of beautiful white pearls with diamonds shining in the light. Thanks to fashionable construction of brooch allows to use it as a pendant. Universal jewelry that will add chic to your outfit. The brooch is made entirely of 14K gold.

321,95 zł
Elegant brooch with genuine freshwater pearls. The jewelry is eye-catching with eight pearls with intense luster and clear surface, placed between beautiful silver shell-shaped designs.

129,27 zł
Silver pendant with genuine freshwater pearls. Attractive brooch design in the form of a violin key will appeal to ladies with an artistic soul.

178,05 zł
High-end silver brooch with white cultured freshwater pearl BIWA will enhance the beauty of your wardrobe, and not only, as it can also serve as a pendant.

161,79 zł
An exclusive silver brooch with a real freshwater pearl. A sizable pearl surrounded by carved silver will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

259,35 zł
Exclusive brooch with genuine freshwater pearls. A combination of beautiful white or dark pearls with sparkling zircons.

308,13 zł
A versatile decorative brooch with a genuine freshwater pearl. A large pearl of over ten millimetres is surrounded by five decorative leaves creating a pattern of a beautiful flower.

543,90 zł
A beautiful handmade brooch topped with a genuine freshwater pearl. The all-silver brooch in the shape of a rose was made with meticulous attention to detail that brings this precious flower to life.

Beautiful silver brooches with real freshwater pearl. Pearl brooches that can also act as a pendant. The highest quality of 925 silver.