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Silver and gold jewelry sets from real freshwater and marine Akoya pearls. Pearl jewelry for all occasions at attractive prices.

Golden Set of Brown Pearls NKO912G18K

6,471.54 zł

Unusual jewellery set consisting of a necklace and earrings made of genuine freshwater pearls. Unique, nuclear freshwater pearls cultured in the same way as Akoya or South Sea pearls.

Silver Set with Round Pearl KS18CS

373.17 zł

A unique silver set with a genuine round freshwater pearl. Quite large pearls with a diameter of almost 8mm will be a beautiful adornment for every woman. You can choose from three different colours of pearls: white, pink and dark.

Silver Set with SHELL Pearl YA-E420

118.70 zł

An extremely subtle and delicate set with a perfectly round imitation of the SHELL pearl (an artificially formed pearl made of the natural material of perch shells). Shiny zircons add charm to the whole set. The earrings have a comfortable and practical post clasp.

Silver Set with Pearls - Rose Clasp K078P360D

1,211.38 zł

An exceptionally beautiful, handmade jewellery set with freshwater pearls without a BIWA nucleus. The unique silver clasp with a rose-shaped magnet is a beautiful decoration of the whole set.

Silver Set with Pearls KH112R78S

134.96 zł

A beautiful, delicate, jewellery set with a perfect freshwater pearl without a Biwa nucleus. The earrings have comfortable English clasps. Suitable for a special occasion as well as everyday wear.

Gold Set of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds KJP011-1

12,186.99 zł

A unique set of jewellery with beautiful and rare Australian South Sea pearls. The set includes earrings and a pendant with a unique heart shape. The set is complemented by sparkling and glittering diamonds set in gold.

Gold Set with South Sea Pearls- Diamonds and Rubies FK01G

13,135.77 zł

A sensuously beautiful gold set with a perfect champagne South Sea pearl. Australian pearls are extremely precious and rarely seen. The shimmering diamonds and rubies placed above the balancing pearl also add to the luxurious look. The earrings have a comfortable and practical post clasp.

Gold Jewelry Set with Dark Pearls KO1WG

4,771.54 zł

An exceptionally elegant jewellery set of genuine freshwater pearls accompanied by white gold. Round pearls of high lustre and clarity. Earrings have a stick clasp. Photos do not fully reflect the charm. An exceptional set for an exceptional woman!

Gold Set with Pearls and Rubies FK064G

11,830.08 zł

An exceptionally beautiful gold jewellery set with a white freshwater pearl without a BIWA nucleus. Surrounding the flawlessly beautiful pearl is a sparkling ruby floral petal design.

Silver Jewellery Set with Pearls K+0910S3

617.07 zł 583.07 zł

An attractive set of silver jewellery with freshwater pearls. In this set every woman will feel special and both daily and evening outfit will gain character.

  • -34.00 zł