Summer collection

Limited, summer collection of silver necklaces with pearls in unique, picturesque colors. Perfect as an addition to the outfit for sunny days.

Summer silver pearl necklace NB910S1

121.14 zł

Original handmade necklace in pink color. Pearls of irregular, baroque shape delight with their delicate luster and beautiful shade. Each of them was carefully selected to give the necklace a unique style and elegance. It will perfectly complement summer styling.

Silver pearl necklace NB89S1

113.01 zł

Original pearl necklace in saturated summer color. Handmade from carefully selected freshwater pearls of baroque shape. Choice of 7 beautiful colors. A great addition to any summer styling.

Złoty Łańcuszek z Perłą Tahiti LANT105182G

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ5S1

104.88 zł

Handmade pearl necklace. Single pearls, set on thin-but highly resistant to breakage-nylon strands, create a delicate and subtle pattern. The pearls are oval and of different diameters, which gives the necklace a unique character.

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ3S1

80.49 zł

Extremely lightweight handmade pearl necklace. Single freshwater pearls with a diameter of 5-6mm were set on three thin but durable nylon strands. The white oval pearls, with high luster, look great around the neck.

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ2S1

80.49 zł

Lightweight necklace made of pink freshwater pearls with high luster. The small oval-shaped pearls were individually placed on a durable nylon string.

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ3S1c

80.49 zł

A "spider web" necklace, handmade from small freshwater pearls with a beautiful luster. Dark oval pearls with a diameter of about 5-6 mm were set individually on a durable nylon string, topped with a federing clasp.

Genuine Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ5BS1

121.14 zł

Extremely impressive handmade necklace of white freshwater pearls. Oval pearls of various sizes were set individually on five nylon strands. Each necklace is a kind of uniqueness.

Real Pearls and Turkmenite Necklace NPAJ5TS1

104.88 zł

Original necklace, forming a subtle necklace that is a combination of white freshwater pearls and beautiful turkmenite stones. It is fastened through a simple silver federing clasp. The necklace is approximately 45 cm long.

Real Pearls Necklace on Strand NPAJ10S1

137.40 zł

A subtle necklace of freshwater pearls, in a choice of white or dark color. Carefully selected oval pearls of various sizes have been mounted on eight rows of nylon strand. This is a great alternative to the classic pearl necklace.