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Our world of real pearl jewellery

We believe that every woman deserves real pearls. That is why we strive to make our shop a favourite place to visit for all pearl lovers.

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109,27 zł 129,27 zł
Subtly delicate gold earrings with pearls. They have a practical and comfortable clasp with a bar in a silicone surround. High-gloss pearls are set on a gold Au585 post. They add femininity and are suitable for any occasion.

132,54 zł 158,54 zł
A universal string of pearls in white, dark or burgundy colours. The string can also be worn as a bracelet - there is a possibility of any composition, which depends only on you.

9,35 zł 15,45 zł
This bracelet is made of real mother of pearl placed on a stretchy rubber band that will fit any hand.

31,71 zł
Simple and beautiful earrings with real pearl in white, salmon, pink or dark colours set on a silver post, which was additionally rhodium-plated, which in practice means that it became more resistant to blackening and gained a stronger shine.

141,71 zł 202,44 zł
Delightful necklace with a delicate glow from real pearls. White pearls with a diameter of 6.5-7.5 mm are threaded on a special, additionally knotted silk-nylon thread. The clasp of the necklace was made of rhodium-plated silver.

39,84 zł
Simple and beautiful genuine pearl earrings with a diameter of 8,0-8,5 mm in white, grey, maroon, green, pink or brown colours set on a silver post.

93,50 zł
Stylish and elegant sterling silver clips with real pearl 8,5-9,0 mm in white, pink or dark colours. An additional beautiful shine is given by rhodium-plated sterling silver.

56,10 zł
A sterling silver pearl necklace with an elongated shape and a nice shine that will create impression and interest at this size. The pearls have been strung with a strong fishing line and finished entirely with a silver clasp.

96,75 zł
Sturdily made earrings with English clasp. Real freshwater pearls with a high luster and smooth surface.

811,38 zł
Gold earrings with a white freshwater pearl without the BIWA nucleus. An impeccably beautiful, shining pearl is set on an interesting gold link of earrings. The earrings have a comfortable and practical post clasp.

96,75 zł
A fascinating, handmade bracelet of genuine freshwater pearls. Shimmering, round pearls with a unique peacock colouring. Elegant finishing with a silver ball gives it a representative character.

104,88 zł
Delicate, 3-row, handmade necklace with genuine freshwater pearls. Oval-shaped pearls were strung on a decorative silver-coloured wire.

779,67 zł
Subtle white gold earrings with a perfect pair of teardrop shaped cultured freshwater pearls. Large and flawless pearls will make an impression. A great addition to an elegant outfit.

933,33 zł
A sophisticated, sensual gold ring with cultured freshwater pearls without a BIWA nucleus. The amazing shape stimulates the imagination. Your hands will shine in the company of our ring. Uniqueness for every occasion.

137,40 zł
Silver earrings with genuine freshwater pearls. Made of smooth and shiny silver, the earrings have been combined with equally shiny, always fashionable pearls.

31,71 zł
Subtly delicate silver earrings with freshwater pearl. Practical and comfortable post clasp. Suitable for any occasion.

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