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Silver necklaces made of real freshwater or sea pearls. Original necklaces in various designs and colors. Any shapes of pearls with a classic and oriental look. A great idea for a gift on any occasion.

4-Row Pearl Necklace N067x4S

747.97 zł

Eye-catching silver necklace made with real bright and dark shaded pearls. 4-rows of pearls with different lenghts.

Kolia z prawdziwych pereł  KOL01

Pearl Necklace KOL01

291.87 zł

Unique, handmade collar-necklace made with cultured freshwater pearls. Layered pearls in the style of Richelieu embroidery, lay perfectly when worn.

Pearl Chain YA-NO83

161.79 zł

This sterling silver chain with two genuine teardrop-shaped freshwater pearls is the perfect accessory for a woman who appreciates elegant and stylish accessories. On the middle part of the chain there is a beautiful, shining circle planted with zircons, which adds to its shine and originality.

Sublte Pearl Chain YA395S

373.17 zł

An original chain that looks like a delicate necklace topped with an oval freshwater pearl. In the middle of the chain are larger links connected by a shiny ellipse with zircons, on which a white pearl is suspended.

3-Row Pearl Necklace NO56xS1BC

804.07 zł

Extravagant pearl necklace, made of 3 rows of slightly oval freshwater pearls, threaded with a specialty silk-nylon jewelry thread, finished with a highest quality 925 rhodium plated silver clasp.

Silver Pearl Necklace N1011S3SP

446.34 zł

Distinctive necklace made of real freshwater pearls. Large pearls with a nice gloss and even shape were strung on a special silk-nylon thread. The necklace has a drawer clasp with an interesting pattern, which is made entirely of the highest quality 925 silver.

Silver Bamboo Coral Necklace NKO075S1

137.40 zł

Necklace made of natural coral so-called bamboo. Beautiful intense red color reminiscent of ripe rowan fruit. A great gift idea for those who love natural decorations.

"Opera" Real Pearl Necklace NO78S3100

723.58 zł

Refined necklace made of real freshwater pearls. Beautiful, long "Opera" type necklace with slightly oval pearls with a nice shine. Pearls were threaded on a special silk-nylon thread. The ball-shaped clasp with protection is made entirely of rhodium-plated silver 925.

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Baroque Pearl Necklace NB089S1R

218.70 zł

Stylish and unique necklace made of real freshwater pearls. Triple string of shimmering baroque pearls in a large size.