Silver Pearl Chain YA074S

199.00 zł

A stylish silver chain with genuine freshwater pearls. The teardrop-shaped white pearls impress with their high shine and hang below 3 decorative, beautiful inserts.

Silver Real Pearl Choker Necklace NO6575S

289.00 zł

A beautiful silver necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. White pearls of round shape and strong lustre are a classic and reliable choice for lovers of this type of jewellery.

Silver Grey Pearl Necklace NO67S1S

279.00 zł 189.00 zł

A necklace of genuine freshwater pearls of an unusual, silvery colour. Strong luster and beautiful colour make the pearls stand out. The carabiner clasp is made of highest quality 925 sterling silver.

  • -90.00 zł
Naszyjnik Srebrny z Pereł NO89PS3

Silver Pearl Necklace NO89PS3

269.00 zł

Incredibly glittering necklace of genuine freshwater pearls. Medium-sized pearls of a fairly even shape characterised by a very strong shine.

Silver Chain with Oval Pearl NR910IP1033

199.00 zł

A subtle silver chain with a beautiful, genuine freshwater pearl. The chain can be adjusted by changing the length of the hanging pearl which is put through a silver circular element. The jewellery is additionally rhodium plated.

Freshwater Pearl Necklace NO910S3

299.00 zł

Attractive sterling silver necklace of genuine round pearls strung on a special jeweller's silk-nylon thread, which is additionally knotted to prevent the pearls from scattering if broken. The necklace has a drawer clasp with a flower-shaped safety catch in rhodium-plated silver.

Srebrny Naszyjnik z Pereł Morskich Akoya Nm067S3

Silver Akoya Sea Pearl Necklace Nm067S3

295.00 zł

Unusual silver necklace with genuine Akoya sea pearls. Equal pearls with quite a strong shine and slightly creamy colour will match perfectly with dark clothing.

Silver Dark Pearl Necklace NR089S1

179.00 zł

Stylish handmade necklace of genuine freshwater pearls with impressive dark steel color. Large pearls with a diameter of 8.5-9.5 and an oval shape look very elegant.

Silver Real Pearl Necklace NO665S3

619.00 zł

This necklace of genuine freshwater pearls with a slight oval shape will become a favourite piece of jewellery. It can be worn both on official and elegant occasions and with casual, everyday clothes. In both cases it works exceptionally well.

Srebny Naszyjnik z Pereł YA706S Srebny Naszyjnik z Pereł YA706S

Silver Pearl Necklace YA706S

389.00 zł

A popular pearl necklace design combined with a decorative pendant. Shiny silver pendant is the main decoration of this subtle necklace. It is decorated with a large oval pearl.

Pearl Chain YA-NO83

199.00 zł

Sublte silver chain with real cultured pearls. Two beautiful tear-shaped pearls hung on a zircon circle in the middle of the chain.

Silver necklaces made of real freshwater or sea pearls. Original necklaces in various designs and colors. Any shapes of pearls with a classic and oriental look. A great idea for a gift on any occasion.