Want to preserve the beauty and value of your earrings and pearl necklaces? Proper jewelry storage is key! Pearls are delicate and require special care. From this article you will learn how to store pearl jewelry. We will reveal some practical tips on the subject. For example, you'll learn what to store your jewelry in, how to avoid scratches and tangling, and why it's a good idea to control the weather conditions in which you keep your pearls. Remember that wearing pearl jewelry regularly also contributes to keeping it in excellent condition. Get ready to discover the secret of pearls and learn simple ways to store your pearl jewelry that will allow you to enjoy its shine for longer!

Proven ways to store jewelry

Taking care of pearls means not only preserving their natural beauty, but also maintaining their high value. These delicate jewels that come from nature require special attention. What to store jewelry in to avoid damage and keep them safe? Get ideas on how to store pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets!

Separate storage

Jewelry storage boxes are something that can't be missing from your trinket accessories. A jewelry box or practical organizer will allow you to easily secure your favorite earrings or pearl chain. Choose a jewelry box or casket with a padded interior made of a soft material such as velvet. This will provide protection from scratches and damage, plus it will make it easier to find specific types of ornaments.

Moreover, avoid putting jewelry together. Store individual pieces separately to minimize the risk of scratches or tangling of pearl chains or bracelets. Use small cloth bags or special compartments in a jewelry box so that each piece has its own place. You can also equip yourself with a handy jewelry rack, on which you can easily hang your string of pearls and other valuables.

Control of atmospheric conditions

Don't leave your chains, bracelets or earrings with pearls in strong sunlight or humid places. Jewelry with pearls is very delicate and can be damaged if not properly protected. Avoid storing it where there are large temperature changes, such as close to radiators, as this can lead to deformation or damage. Also, remember to always keep jewelry boxes closed and avoid exposing them to sunlight. In addition, humid places such as the bathroom are also not a good location. Steam and excess moisture can strip pearls of their luster.

Useful knowledge on how to store jewelry with pearls

In the previous paragraph we described how best to store earrings, pearl necklaces and other types of ornaments, so that they retain their value and luster for a long time. Decide which way is more convenient for you - a hanger or a jewelry box. Set aside some space in your room or dressing room and arrange a charming corner there to store your jewelry and other favorite accessories. This will allow you to have everything in one place, plus it will beautifully display the earrings or strings of pearls that are in your collection. Or maybe you fancy a new necklace or an original brooch? At Apearl you will find a wide selection of natural pearl jewelry that will highlight your beauty and natural charm. We invite you to take a look at our assortment!

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