Pearl clips - how to wear them to look stylish? Guide

In the wave of the retro trend, classic pearl clips are returning to favor. How to wear these jewelry accessories to look fashionable and stylish? Here are some hairstyles with pearl pins and tips to help you match them with your hairstyles.

How to wear hair clips with pearls?

Pearl pins are the perfect way to add a touch of romance and sophistication to your styling. Whether you're going to an important meeting or planning an evening out, a well-chosen pearl pin will always add a touch of glamour.

Wondering how to match this detail to your closet? Hair clips with pearls go best with simple, elegant styles. This is a very safe combination, in which there is no scope for error. A classic little black you wear to the theater, slim-fit pants paired with an oversize blazer, or even a quality white shirt with jeans - these outfits will be a great backdrop for your new pearl jewelry.

If you are more daring, juxtapose a pearl pin with bright shades of clothes or other accessories. The contrast between the subtle pearl and the intense color will add a modern touch to your outfit.

Pearls also go well with business chic. If you want to add a dash of romance to your everyday office look, a simple hairpin with pearls will be an interesting addition. They can be a great complement to a suit or an elegant dress.

These tips work well for subtle pins. What if a large pearl pin caught your eye? You can make it the focal point of your hairstyle. It doesn't necessarily have to be in your hair - try clipping it into the lapel of a jacket or into the eyelets of a loose sweater with a thick weave.

The most fashionable hairstyles with pearl pins

Until recently, hairstyles with pearl pins were mainly associated with wedding fashion. Today you can confidently wear pearls in your hair on a daily basis. How? Try these hairstyles and you will look beautiful at work, on a date, or.... in your travel photos:

  • Romantic updo: make a loose ponytail, tie it with an elastic band similar in color to your hair, and above the elastic band slide a pearl pin into your hair. The effect will be subtle but effective;
  • Hair let loose: if you have long hair, simply slip one or two pearl pins into it to add shine. Perfect for summer evenings!
  • Classic bun: pearl pins can turn an ordinary bun into a hairstyle for special occasions. Pin up your hair, spray it with hairspray, and then choose an expressive pin to add some sparkle to your hairstyle (and yourself!).

Where to buy pearl clips?

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