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88,62 zł
An elegant and subtle ring with a genuine, high quality freshwater pearl. The big shine of the pearl and additional zircons create a wonderful combination which every woman will like.

129,27 zł
An eye-catching silver ring with three pearls, additionally adorned with zircons. Beautiful medium sized pearls have a high shine and smooth surface.

219,51 zł
Unusual silver ring with a real Mabe sea pearl. Large pearl with a beautiful mirror surface in a silver setting, adorned with natural garnet gemstones of pink and red colour.

78,05 zł
An original silver ring with a genuine freshwater pearl. Unformed rectangle with ornaments all over the surface giving it a classic and baroque character.

96,75 zł
Unusual silver ring on which we find a real freshwater pearl with a beautiful shine. Next to the pearl you will find sparkling zircons, behind which a silver braid extends the ring.

88,62 zł
A silver ring with a genuine freshwater pearl. Made of smooth and shiny silver, the ring is combined with an equally shiny, always fashionable pearl. Classic and subtle design of the ring will be a perfect ornament which can be worn every day.

72,36 zł
Ring in the shape of an infinity symbol decorated with a real freshwater pearl. The delicate and extremely fashionable design with the always elegant pearl will be a perfect decoration.

241,46 zł
A magnificent silver ring with a freshwater pearl. A real large pearl of a light ecru shade looks extremely beautiful accompanied by 111 sparkling and shimmering zircons. Thanks to the abundance of zircons and the large diameter of the pearl, the ring makes an incredible impression on every woman.
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170,73 zł
An original, artistic silver ring with a real freshwater pearl. A very large pearl with a diameter of almost thirteen millimetres will be perfectly visible. The ring is complemented by hand set, polished coloured shells from the Pinctada Maxima clam.

64,23 zł
An avant-garde silver ring with genuine pearls. Pearls in white, pink and salmon were set on a silver rail, which was additionally rhodium plated making the jewellery more resistant to blackening and giving it a stronger shine. A ring created for a woman who likes to draw attention to herself.

65,04 zł
A subtle ring with a white freshwater pearl without a BIWA nucleus. Your hands will look beautiful in the company of our ring. Suitable for any occasion.
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64,23 zł
An intriguing ring with a real pearl in white, dark or salmon colours which is set on a silver rail of an interesting shape. Silver was additionally rhodium plated. A ring perfect for every type of beauty.
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Large selection of silver rings with real freshwater pearls. Rings with classic designs, as well as decorative rings decorated with zircons.