How and when to wear pearls?

Among natural gems, pearls are the most valuable and desirable. Everyone knows jewelry with amber or coral, but it is pearls that are associated with wealth and elegance.

These shell stones were not always as common as they are today. Since the situation of pearls on the market has changed, they are available immediately and the choice of jewelry is so wide, it is a pity not to have them in your casket. Here the question arises: for what occasion can you wear them?

Variety of uses

In fact, pearls can complement any outfit. It all depends on the size and shape of the pearl used for a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

You will choose a different kind of jewelry for a smart-casual outfit and another for a formal outfit for special occasions.

Casual style - fashion for everyday

The most comfortable outfit, we wear it every day, however it is not about tracksuits that we wear around the house. The casual style is guided by certain guidelines. In this case minimalistic pearl jewelry will be a perfect choice.

A pendant on a small chain or a classic necklace can make an outfit comfortable and elegant at the same time, and most of all neat and not hindering movement.

Przykładowy strój casual
Casual outfit example

Elegant style - for special occasions

When choosing pearls for an elegant outfit, we do not have to limit ourselves at all. In the case of a casual outfit, a long string or necklace like a tie might get in the way when bending, for example, but when creating an evening outfit, we do not have to worry about it.

Whether you choose white or dark, Tahiti or freshwater, small or large, pearls will accentuate your chic in every way.

Choose a triple gold necklace and bracelet to complete your outfit, complete it with phenomenal earrings and charm everyone with your look.

Przykładowy strój wieczorowy
Sample evening outfit

Colourful Boho Style

Style combining hippie and vintage fashion, very artistic and timeless. It is casual, associated with summer and holiday relaxation.

Characteristic for this style are fabrics such as linen, which is complemented by many accessories such as belts, flowers, bands, hats, glasses and pearls.

An airy long dress will be perfectly complemented by necklaces of real multicolored pearls or a necklace with pink pearls on a transparent string.

Przykładowy strój Boho-chicBoho-chic outfit example


Pearl jewelry is suitable for both a prestigious ceremony and a summer camper trip. Inspiration is plentiful, you can wear four or five necklaces at once, you can also mix pearls with other jewelry.

In addition to the great versatility, you are assured that pearls will never get old and are a good investment that you can pass on to the next generation.

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