You are interested in the subject of jewelry and wondering what is the largest pearl ever found? After all, these natural treasures of Mother Nature bring delight to all those who are interested in these valuable and unique specimens. For centuries pearls have been a symbol of impeccable elegance, luxury and boundless love, and in addition, they are timeless. The fact is that their value depends on a few of the most essential characteristics. Namely, the price is influenced by the size, ideal shape, impeccable shine and even velvety smoothness to the touch. Go to the rest of the post and find out what is the largest natural pearl in the world is and where it was fished.

World's largest natural pearl

Surprising and unbelievable is the size and weight reached by the world's largest natural pearl found off the coast of the Philippines on the island of Palawan. In 2006 it was discovered by a fisherman who, after keeping it in his home as a souvenir for 10 years, brought the unique specimen to the tourism office. The found wonder gained fame and popularity in a very short time due to its amazing dimensions, i.e. length as long as 61 cm, width 30 cm, and, above all, skyrocketing weight - 34 kg. Gemmologists, who undertook the valuation of the pearl, estimated its value at approximately $100 million. The world's largest pearl was formed under completely natural conditions, and shaped and, as it were, spawned by a species of bivalve mollusc called the giant appendage.

What is the formation of natural pearls and where can they most often be fished?

You already know the size of the world's largest natural pearl, but it's also worth knowing how exactly the process of their formation looks like and where they are most often found. Well, living organisms are responsible for the formation of pearls, and most often clams. When a foreign body enters its interior, such as a grain of sand or other tissue, then - in a nutshell - it is covered with pearl mass. This is the clam's defense mechanism, which, by producing successive layers, creates the remarkable jewel that is the pearl. And what areas in the world practice the largest catch of them? This includes the Persian Gulf region, Central America or the coast of India. Depending on the territory, catches take on a variety of colors from crystal clear white, to pink, to those in dark shades.

Pearl jewelry

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