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Gold Chain with Akoya Sea Pearls LANm678G

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18K gold chain with Akoya sea pearls

If you are looking for a fashionable and original piece of jewellery, we are pleased to present a gold celebratory chain with five suspended Akoya sea pearls. This type of chain is currently one of the most popular forms of jewellery worn by celebrities.

The chain together with the clasp is made entirely of 18 carat gold 750, additionally the braid beautifully reflects the light thanks to flat links and polished edges. Thanks to this the chain sparkles and shines.

Another advantage of this celebratory chain is specially designed clasp which gives possibility to adjust the length in two variants - 40 and 45 cm.

The central point of the necklace are of course genuine Akoya sea pearls which are set in one-step gradation. Thanks to that, the biggest sea pearl of 7,5-8,0 mm in diameter is set in the centre, whereas the four remaining pearls (two on the left and two on the right) are of 6,5-7,0 mm in diameter.

Total Length45 cm or 40 cm (regulated)
Pearl Shaperound
Pearl TypeAkoya
Pearl ClassA2AA
Pearl Diameter1 x 7,5-8,0 mm i 4 x 6,5-7,0 mm
Pearl Colorwhite
Stone weightapprox. 2,95 g
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Klasyfikacja jakościowa pereł marki Apearl

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