Are you looking for beautiful jewelry that will enhance your style and elegance? Do you need a gift for a special person? A pearl necklace is an excellent option. However, choosing the right necklace can be difficult because pearls come in different sizes, shapes and colors. That's why in today's post we want to share some tips on how to choose the best necklace and show how sample necklaces look around the neck.

Lengths of pearl necklaces

Necklace length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing pearl jewelry. In our offer, the most common lengths are 42cm, 45cm and 50cm, standard for classic, timeless necklaces. To meet current trends, we also have chokers, which, thanks to the addition of an adjustment in the form of a chain at the clasp, can be perfectly adjusted to the neck.

For those looking for more spectacular solutions, additionally allowing for individual adjustment of the length of pearls on the neckline, we recommend cords. From the longest of them (200cm) you can create the effect of 4 necklaces around the neck, having the possibility of various configurations. Most cords do not have a clasp, which, if you have a problem with fastening the necklace yourself, can be a great convenience.

Porównanie długości klasycznych naszyjników perłowych na modelce (obwód szyi modelki 34cm)

What diameter of pearls should I choose?

The second extremely important factor is the size of the pearls. The choice is wide: From very delicate, small pearls with a diameter of 3-4mm, through medium-sized, classic pearls with a diameter of 7-8mm to striking beads exceeding 10mm in diameter. Larger pearls attract attention, while smaller pearls are a perfect complement to everyday styling.

It is worth noting that the size of the pearls and the length of the necklace depend on each other. A 50cm necklace of large pearls (11-12mm) will appear visually shorter than, for example, a 50cm necklace of medium pearls (7-8mm). This is especially important when you want a necklace made of larger beads, which at the same time fits and presents itself nicely on the neckline.

Porównanie przykładowych średnic pereł dla klasycznych naszyjników perłowych na modelce

Additional aspects to pay attention to are the type, shape, color and quality of the pearls, as well as the type of clasp of the necklace. This gives you many options for choosing jewelry according to your preferences. We write about these characteristics of pearls and their impact on price here.

Pearls are a jewelry classic and never go out of fashion. In our store you will find a wide selection of pearl necklaces, in various lengths and sizes. Our pearls are of the highest quality, which guarantees their durability and beautiful shine for years. Choose a necklace that will perfectly match your style and enjoy the elegance and confidence that pearls provide. Take a look at our offer and find your dream pearl necklace. Different length, diameter or color of pearls? No problem! With us it is possible to personalize your jewelry - it is made in the studio by people with extensive experience. If you have your vision for the perfect necklace, contact us, we will try to help.

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